Current gear list for overnights/weekends – 3 seasons

OMM Jirishanca with Trio pouch

Below is my current gear list for overnight and weekend hikes during late spring and summer. Two items have seriously reduced my weight carried this year – OMM Jirishanca which has knocked over a kilo off my previous backpack and around 1.2 kgs when I bought the excellent Vaude Power Lizard UL. This list means that I am able to get my weight down to around 8 kg (17.5 Ibs). I will be reviewing key items of gear in the coming weeks.


Vaude Power Lizard UL – 1050g


Alpkit Pipedream 400 – 750g
Themorest Prolite Regular -460g
Intergal Designs Primasilk pillow -114g
Alpkit Airlok waterproof bag -42g


OMM Jirishanca 35RL – 1040g
OMM Trio 4L Chest Pouch – 150g


MSR Pocket Rocket – 85g
Primus canister feet -23g
MSR Titanium Mug – 50g
Super thin windshield – 63g
Pot Grab

Petzl Tikka Plus x 2

Clothing Carried
Montane Lite Speed – 165g
Montane Atomic Jacket – 295g
Montane Atomic Pants – 195g
PHD Ultra Down Vest – 150g
Smartwool trekking socks
pair underpants
Extremities Waterproof gloves
Extremities Balaclava

Garmin etrex Venture HC
Iphone 3GS
Spare Nokia phone
Power monkey
Ipod nano

Bits & pieces
Plastic toilet trowel
Toilet paper
Gaffa tape
Nylon string
Silva compass
Silver space blanket

Clothes worn
Smartwool socks
TNF Hedgehogs- 850g
Montane Terra Pants – 320g
Merino wool top or Nike Dri-fit synthetic top
Columbia micro fleece

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7 Responses to Current gear list for overnights/weekends – 3 seasons

  1. Maz says:

    Some thoughts: do you need a 3GS and a Nano? Surely the 3GS is all you need? And why a spare phone? Try an insulating layer instead of a fleece – you have a down vest so why have a fleece? Bulky, and not particularly wind resistant. I would have a Patagonia Nano Puff or Montane Fireball smock (for 3 season use). Not convinced by the Power Monkey in UK weather – thoughts? Ditch the pillow & shove spare clothes in a dry bag and use that. Try a POE Ether Elite (Martin Rye’s review very good) or Neo Air as they’re lighter & pack smaller than your Prolite. Thoughts?

    • Maz – It is probably over kill – I take the Nano because
      I like to listen to the radio, which is not on the 3GS. The spare phone is there because I find that if I am in a weak signal area my Nokia (I am on Vodafone) is better reception than the 3GS. The Power Monkey and all the gadgets I put in a Aquapac – which they say is highly waterproof , but I have not tried it yet in really wet weather.
      I like the pillow – I am afraid, as I have tried the clothes in the stuff sack – just don’t get on with it. You are right about the fleece and the down vest so I can take that out.
      The POE – yes after reading Martin’s post the other day – very much on my to get list.
      I am sure I can go lighter and by posting up the list – I can get comments and observations from the backpacking community on how to improve things.

      Thanks for you thoughts 🙂

  2. Maz says:

    As far as Vodafone and the 3GS goes – I sadly agree. I’ve not yet come across the problem of needing signal when I cannot get it but it could well happen. There are always sacrifices to be made I guess. No radio on the 3GS is something a few mates have moaned about – doesn’t occur to me so I defer to you there. Is the Aquapac quite heavy? I have one and cannot get things in or out as the rubber catches. Try a Sea to Summit Ultrasil drybag instead (small one). Sleep is crucial so if you need a pillow, then take one you must. I’m posting on the TMB kit soon so let me know what you think of the stuff there – 11 days and only 6kg.

  3. Maz says:

    The TMB list did not include food – for reasons which will become clear when I continue by write-up of the journal itself. That said, I am researching a snack bar which purportedly has a high-nutritional/calorific value – it’s called the Big 100 Colossal. Eli had several on the TMB and, if they’re as good as they seem to be, they’re a good snack for the hill. I am always worried about additives and preservatives of course so will revert when I know a bit more but 500 calories, with vitamins and minerals added too, for only 100g and they don’t taste half bad – it’s worth a look.

  4. River Tees says:

    Hi Mark we have found your blog and was wondering if you had walked at Cross Fell on the Pennines the source of the River Tees?

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