Inov 8 Terroc 345 GTX – first impressions

Now in the Lakes with the family  and decided to spend some time going around the outdoor shops in Keswick today.  My TNF Hedgehogs are starting to wear quite a bit on the soles, so I decided to look at Inov 8’s amongst  others and ended up buying a pair of Terroc 345 GTX trail shoes.  A tech sheet is downloadable from the website.

These are an attractive looking lightweight Goretex lined trail shoe weighing 345g. They are waterproof, breathable and incorporate a Polymer shank positioned behind the metatarsal heads providing underfoot protection.

Terroc 345 GTX

I decided to go for the Goretex liner as I don’t like to walk with wet feet, and I don’t find Seal Skinz socks that comfortable to wear.  This time of year – it may be OK to use unlined trail shoes, but I am looking to use these well into the autumn/winter period and I think this is the only realistic option for me – others may have different opinions – very interested to hear your comments.

They felt pretty comfortable in the shop wearing a pair of Teko merino midweight hiking socks – if slightly odd in that they grip around the top part of the foot and are looser around the toes.  The sales guy in the shop said that this is the fit with Inov 8’s – I don’t know if this is true.  Walking around the camp site this evening with them, the left foot felt comfortable, but slightly loose on the right foot.  I may need an insert just to tighten this up or wearing maybe my  Smart wool socks which are thicker than the Teko’s will do the trick.  I am going out in them tomorrow – so I will report back on how I get on with them.

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10 Responses to Inov 8 Terroc 345 GTX – first impressions

  1. Martin Rye says:

    They keep water out until it comes in over the top. Also the lining has about 10,000 flexes in it before it most likely fails. Apart from that I like them. Be interested to see how you find them on wet rocks? My old Inov-8 shoes seemed fine but my new pairs seem to have less grip on wet rock.

  2. Martin Rye says:

    320 and 310 are my current stock and a pair or worn 295’s. I also have a pair Saloman 3D Ultra shoes. Lack of depth on the sole relegates them to forest trails only. I would like to try a pair of 330 Inov-8 as most folks rave about them and I reckon they will fit me well.

  3. Paul says:

    Hi there! This post is kinda old, but I’m looking into buying these shoes. What’s your experience so far?

    • Hi Paul. My experience was not good with the shoes. I think it is just a personal thing, but the sole of my right foot is always sore after walking in them. The shoes themselves grip well and I have read good reports on innov8 products, but not for me. I have been pleased with the two pairs of Salomon shoes I own.

  4. Ken Rowan says:

    I have just sent a pair of these back. They developed a 1″ diameter hole inside the right heel.

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