First ‘test – drive’ of Terrocs 345 GTX

Yesterday I bought  a pair of Terrocs 345 GTX ( See previous post to this).  I took them out for short walk up Blencathra today to give them their first test.  I wore the shoes with some mid weight Smart Wool socks which seemed to help with the slightly loose feel of the right shoe. I think my right foot is smaller than the left.  After a mile or so on tarmac and farm tracks I started up hill on loose rock/scree – I was a bit concerned that I  might feel everything through the sole, but actually they were good in giving support over rougher stuff without anything sticking in.  I was particularly interested to test on wet rock and the only opportunity I had, was walking on wet stones up and down a stream I came across.  They gripped pretty well and much better than my Hedgehogs – still not a really good test – I will have to wait for some rain – the weather was glorious in the Lakes today !!

They gripped dry rock well as I scrambled up Sharp Edge on Blencathra and they were good for finding foot holds.  My final test was to walk steeply down hill in a diagonal direction off the path on tussocky grass/moss.  I find this one of the most difficult terrains to walk on – but is often found in the Pennines and although the shoes twisted a bit on descent, I did not feel out of control.

I banged my toes a few times on some rocks but the Terrocs have a good toe bumper and so was well protected.

Generally pleased with the first outing in these, but will reserve judgment until I have more miles under my belt.

Several issues I will look at before giving the thumbs up or down

How will they perform on wet rock ? – particularly steep paths

How long will it be before the sole starts to wear ?

How long will the Goretex  liner last ? – and can I find a decent waterproof sock ( not Seal Skinz) if the liner goes early and there is still a good amount of wear left in the shoes ?  

Finally A Question – Does anyone know of a waterproof sock other than Seal Skinz or Trekmates Amphibians ?

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2 Responses to First ‘test – drive’ of Terrocs 345 GTX

  1. Martin Rye says:

    Search for Gore-Tex socks on cycle shop websites and see what comes up. Gore do socks for example for cyclist and I don’t see why they should not work for hikers.

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