Trip Report – Day walk – 16th August – Blencathra

This was the second day walk in the Lakes, while I was on holiday with the family. We were staying near Blencathra with the motor home, so it gave me an idea opportunity to walk from the campsite and tackle it via Sharp Edge.

The Route: Hutton Moor End- Lowside – Mousthwaite Comb- Scales Fell- Scales Tarn-Sharp Edge-Blencathra (Hallsfell Top) – Scales Fell – Lowside- Hutton Moor End ( 10.5 km in total).

Blencathra and Sharp Edge

I set off from the campsite in brilliant warm sunshine wearing my new Terrocs 345 GTX purchased in Keswick the day before (see previous posts). Shortly afterwards I crossed the busy A 66 and walked through Lowside farm emerging onto a gated lane and turned up the footpath towards Blencathra.

The climb was pretty steep over the well worn path and in the hot sunshine, I paused on the way up Scales Fell for a long cool drink,before continuing up the track which turned to the left at the top of climb.

Initial climb up Scales Fell

The path leveled out and gave some pleasant walking up the valley towards Scales Tarn.

At the end of the valley the path changed to the paving type steps seen so often on well used routes. Whilst I understand the reasons behind them, they still look out of place in what should be areas of wilderness.

At the top of the ‘steps’ I got my first view of Scales Tarn – a small tarn surrounded by a natural amphitheatre.

Scales Tarn

I  paused to take a few photos then made my way up to Sharp Edge. This arête is one of the finest of its type in England and is a fairly easy Grade I scramble, probably not a good place to be on a windy or wet day, But today the conditions were perfect.

Sharp Edge

I steadily made my way up, this being August there were a few people tackling it at the same time, but not as many as I would have thought given the fine weather. I quickly scrambled past them – some who clearly decided that it was not for them,escaping to the path on the right side of the arête.

Within a short space of time, I was at the top, wishing that it was twice long, but getting an excellent view of what I had just scrambled up.

Looking down Sharp Edge

At the top, I had my lunch, took some further photos and watched others climbing up. There was a light breeze which kept the midges down, warm sunshine and it was good just to spend some idle time staring at the view.

Looking down at Scales Tarn

After having some lunch, I made my way along the broad flat top, pass Atkinson  Pike and onto Hallsfell Top and then down the path on Scales Fell.  About a 1/3rd of the way down I left the path and headed diagonally down the steep grass slope to test my new Terrocs over difficult terrain.  They seemed not twist too much and were reasonably comfortable going down a very steep grass slope to the path below.

Once on this path, I made my way back down to the gated lane and then on to the campsite.

Looking down over the A66 towards the campsite

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