Replacement Vaude Power Lizard UL tent

Vaude Power Lizard UL tent

Back in February, I purchased one of these tents and I have been very impressed with the space, weight and speed of pitching.  I found out through a post on blogpackinglight that the end poles supplied on some of the early purchases were too long – instead of 53cm they were 54.5cm . This is why the poles were always tight in the pocket located in the flysheet.  Once I knew this and after a brief telephone discussion with Bob at backpackinglight (who was very helpful,even though he did not sell me the tent), I contacted the retailer to arrange a replacement. They suggested  cutting down the poles to the right length – which I did for a trip to the Lakes. In the meantime the retailer confirmed that they would take it back and replace it – so I did after the trip.  Well today the replacement arrived and everything seems to be in  order, with an additional item not there last time – “The Pole Doctor” – a grand name for a piece of metal to slip over a snapped pole should it ever happen.

During the conversation with Bob, he suggested a couple of mods/additions which I have purchased from him and I will add to the tent, now I have the replacement.  Despite this hiccup – I have used this tent a number of times, solo and with my 14-year-old son and I am impressed with it and now with the right size poles the flysheet will sit better than when I first got it.  This is my first ultra light backpacking tent and I have saved  around 1.5 kg in weight compared to my old Wild Country tent.

Recent overnight in the Lakes with my first Power Lizard (poles cut to the right length)

I going to set it up at home over the weekend, add the mods and write-up a review – now I have sufficient experience on the hills with it.

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