Vaude Power Lizard UL tent

As reported in my last post, I now have my replacement Power Lizard UL tent (see previous post for reasons) and this weekend I have had chance to review the tent, post up pitching instructions and put out a couple of short videos.

Vaude Power Lizard UL tent


This purchase was my first ultra lightweight tent, before this I used a one man Wild Country tent, but at 2.3 kg it was not very lightweight.  I initially looked at 3 tents, firstly the Terra Nova Laser Competition – very much the standard lightweight backpacking tent and the Hilleberg Atko, again a classic but about 500g heavier than the Laser  Comp and Power Lizard and finally the Scarp from Tarptents.  I think what attracted me to the Lizard was that it is reportedly a 2 man tent and at 1 kg this was too good to miss.  I mainly go solo, but my sons do join me on occasions, so one of them could fit in,meaning that we would carry only 500g each.

When on my own the extra space would be luxury and I would still be carrying only 1 kg.  This criteria for a 2 man tent as light as possible but lots of space for one person suggested that the Laser and Atko were out of the running. That left the Scarp – my main concern was there was no UK importer and whilst I have no problem buying from the USA, I was a bit worried if something went wrong and I could not get a replacement quickly.

My only concern was that I would be buying a £300 tent ( back in late January) and I could not find any reviews or comments about it .  I think I was one of the first to own a Power Lizard in the UK.  Still in for a penny in for 300 pounds! I received my tent in early February.


  • Total weight 1050g
  • Floor space 91cm x 228cm
  • Pack size 35 x 10 cm
  • 1 entrance
  • 1 porch/vestibule
  • 2 skin tent – can be pitched as one -(weighs 821g with stuff sack).
  • 1 main pole (141g)  plus two small end poles (27g each) – one for each end.
  • 8 titanium pegs (7g each)
  • 1 short section of tube ( “Pole Doctor”) for repairing the main pole (8g)
  • Inner tent has mesh windows and vents with a laminated floor and a hydrostatic head of 10000mm.  Inner fabric is polyester 20 denier fine mesh.
  • Fly sheet is a 20 denier siliconized nylon.


  • 2 additional titanium pegs.
  • Replacement of 2 fixed main guys with  2 adjustable guys made of 1.5 mm Dyneema cord with mini line loks.

With modifications – total weight 1087g

Pitching – this was carried today in average 45kph (Force 6) wind with gusts of 58kph ( Force 7).

There are 3 main elements to the tent :

  • Inner tent attached to flysheet
  • Poles
  • Pegs

Tent, poles & pegs

Lay out the tent and peg out the four corners – particularly important on a windy day !

Peg out the four corners

I measured the centre of the main pole and marked it. The centre clip on the fly is clipped on to this point and then the other 6 clips are attached to this main pole.

Clip in the main pole (Power Frame) with 7 clips starting with centre one

Thread end poles into the pockets in the flysheet and secure in eyelet at bottom. Peg out each end.

Secure end poles at each end and peg out

Peg out the main guys.

Peg out the main guys

Put 2 pegs in the 2 loops next to the main pole (one each side).

Adjust the straps connecting the inner tent with the flysheet.

Finally, open the entrance and tension the power frame (main pole) by tightening the tent tensioner.

The tent tensioner

The tent inside & out

Enough room for two

Space at the bottom of the tent

Inner pockets

The porch area

Below are two short video’s

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14 Responses to Vaude Power Lizard UL tent

  1. Martin Rye says:

    Palace for one. I like the look of them. Have you tried it pitched short pole in to the wind? Be interested to see how it copes in the wind pitched that way compared to how you had it in the video.

    • Martin – may be it was the video – but I actually pitched the short pole into the wind – but as it was very gusty -it was swinging around between a Northerly and North Westerly. I pitched it NW, maybe it was coming Northerly when filming. I will have another go tomorrow – I believe it is going to be windy tomorrow as well.

      • Martin – pitched the tent right into the wind this morning – but unfortunately the wind speed has dropped to an average of 23 kph – about half the speed of yesterday. What are your concerns if any, about the design of the single hoop tent ? I think a further modification of 2 guys on the small pole at the front may be useful in strong winds. What do you think ?

  2. Martin Rye says:

    Small pole in the wind is the way to go. Two lines would be fine. Being honest one will do with a good v peg to hold it. Used my old Laser Comp like that fine in bad weather. The Power Lizard looks a good tent. Do a long term report on it next year. That way time will tell how good it is after many nights in the hills.

    • Martin – I think you are right re V peg . Whilst the Ti pegs are good – I have a fear that the peg facing the wind would pull out in high winds. Saw a short video review on Cameron’s McNeish site. He was very happy with it on this year’s TGO.

      I hope to get plenty of night’s under my belt !

  3. Maz says:

    Very thorough review. I did not get on with it as a solo tent for me for various reasons but, when in the Alps & when we go to Norway next year, it my well be our back up tent as you really can fit two in, in an emergency. Had a few problems with it as you’ll have read on my journal already, but my friend loves “Lizzie”. Watch the flap over the porch zip – mine keeps getting caught. I also have stronger pegs for the end pole lines as the ground in Snowdonia can some times be too hard.

    • Maz- I think there are quite a lot of good tents around at the moment and I see that you are keen on the Big Agnes Fly Creek UL1 – looks a very good tent as well. I like the Power Lizard, but I know there are some faults- (yes the zip has caught a few times – but I have seen that on other tents). I will take on my next trip two V pegs for the side poles. Only more nights under my belt will prove one way or another.

      What do you think of the Scarp ( with the crossing poles) as a true UK 4 season tent ? Do you think it would stand up to the winds, high up in the winter?

  4. Maz says:

    Have not ever used the Scarp but it does rather seem to be pretending to the throne currently occupied by the Hilleberg Akto. A few people have complaints about it, but with some modifications it could well do a very good job. The people who know it best are Robin Evans and Martin Rye.

  5. -maria- says:

    Hi Mark! Thanks for visiting my blog. You seem to have a nice and informative blog. This tent review gives me valuable information as I plan to purchase a new tent next spring/summer. It should be light enough for one to carry but two (at least one adult + one child) should fit in. The Power Lizard is definitely one option.

    Keep on with writing, I’m sure to visit you again! -Maria

    • Maria – thank you for your kind words. I think the Power Lizard would be a good option. My 14 year old son comes with me sometimes and there is enough room. I have not seen another tent yet that fits two and weighs only 1 kg.
      I have added your blog to my blog roll.

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  7. Hi Mark, really interesting review, and was the reason I decided on the purchase!

    I was hoping that you would be able to advise me on pitching direction. Which way should the tent be in relation to the wind direction, inline? Other?

    Thanks (first outing with it in the lakes tonight :))

    • Thanks for dropping by. I normally pitch tail into the wind, but I was having a discussion recently with a fellow outdoor blogger and he reckons that you should pitch single hoop tents with the hoop facing the prevailing wind (I guess not the door side). If you are away for a couple of nights,perhaps try both directions.

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