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Thoughts on winter kit – Part 1

It is now 3 years since I started walking in the hills and mountains again, after a long break through work and family commitments.  I have done many day walks in the winter period, but I have only started to … Continue reading

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Knee problem 2

Further to my post the other day about my painful knees after my backpacking trip to the Southern Uplands and as a future reference for others who may get problems with their body !   Robin at blogpackinglight suggested a … Continue reading

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Knee problems

If you read yesterday’s post on my backpacking trip to Scotland’s Southern Uplands, you will know that walking down-hill towards the end of the trip from Loch Skeen, past the waterfall Grey Mare’s Tail, my knees started to really hurt, … Continue reading

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Trip Report – Southern Uplands

I had to give a presentation to a group of my customers in Glasgow on Friday morning.  Mary had suggested that I combine it with a walk on the way back as I had not been out for a while.  … Continue reading

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Primus Express Spider cold test

My other test today – see I told you I was bored ! – was to see what effect low gas levels and cold temperatures would have on my new Primus Express Spider remote cartridge stove.  (See post – Primus … Continue reading

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My Dry Bags are they really waterproof ?

Been raining heavily all day today at home – got me thinking about my dry bags, would they keep my down sleeping bag and jacket dry if I was backpacking in really dreadful weather ?  – Yes, I am that … Continue reading

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Primus Express Spider – first impressions

I am starting to look towards equipment for the coming late autumn/winter period. Most of my backpack trips so far have been outside of this period and I have said that I will look to do more trips during this … Continue reading

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Montane Man ? – Part Two

As Maz pointed out to me the other day he has more Montane kit than me ! The second post on Montane focuses on leg wear. I have the Montane Terra Pants and to compliment the Atomic Jacket  a pair … Continue reading

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Montane Man? – Part One

Looking at my kit the other day, I realised that I have 5 items of Montane kit – four which I use on a regular basis. I have added to my original purchase of an Atomic DT jacket on a … Continue reading

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Taking notes when backpacking

Looking for something to potentially  replace  the notebook and pen  on a backpacking trip ? About 4 or 5 weeks ago I became aware of a really interesting app for the Iphone  which I have been using for business and … Continue reading

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