Primus Express Spider cold test

My other test today – see I told you I was bored ! – was to see what effect low gas levels and cold temperatures would have on my new Primus Express Spider remote cartridge stove.  (See post – Primus Express Spider – first impressions). This is the worst combination for cartridge top stoves.  Although I was in the Southern Uplands Friday night ( trip report soon) it was not cold enough, only 5 degrees, so no field test.

I decided to put the cartridge in the freezer for 45 minutes to simulate cold – not sure what temperature  it was when I took it out, but it felt pretty cold to the touch. I tried to light the stove with the cartridge the right way up – nothing.  Inverting the cartridge, it lit straight away, and although the flame was not very strong to start with, the stove soon roared, as I guess the pre-heat tube kicked in.  It boiled a pan of water just before the gas ran out.  For me this was encouraging as it seems to have solved for me the issue I have with my MSR Pocket Rocket.  I wait and see what happens in really cold weather !

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