Knee problems

If you read yesterday’s post on my backpacking trip to Scotland’s Southern Uplands, you will know that walking down-hill towards the end of the trip from Loch Skeen, past the waterfall Grey Mare’s Tail, my knees started to really hurt, the pain was really bad in my left knee. I wondered what I had done – I virtually hobbled down the last part to the roadside.

Today I went to the Doctors – Rob my Doctor, said that I was starting to wear the cartilage in my knees ( my simple explanation not his) and I needed to strengthen up the quadricep muscles to take the strain rather than the knee. He suggested some simple exercises, including some cycling and taking ibuprofen before walking.  He said it was nothing too serious – I guess I am starting to age!

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4 Responses to Knee problems

  1. blogpackinglight says:

    Are you taking fish oil regularly? It worked wonders for my knee when I had problems twenty years ago. I now have no problems.

    The other two things worth trying: trekking poles for down hill and bioskin knee supports when it gets painful.

    • Robin – just started taking a joint care capsule containing fish oil+glucosamine+Chondroitin. I use generally one pole all the time, but may be I should look at two again. I don’t know the bioskin knee supports, but will look into it.

      Just been listening to Bob’s podcast from Friedrichshaften show about how the new Inov-8 EvoSkin, a silicon sleeve which fits over the foot like a second skin is used as a training aid. Has helped runners who have been testing it prior to launch in the spring next year, overcome injuries.

      Would be interesting to know if because the foot is used in a much more natural way, you build up strength that way – just a thought.

      Thanks for all your suggestions – it is really appreciated.

  2. blogpackinglight says:

    I’ve been taking fish oil every day for the last twenty years. It seems to work.

    I hardly ever use poles, but they are there just in case. Sometimes I’ll use them on rough terrain or steep descents. Also useful for stream crossings.

    I would be very careful about using EvoSkins. From my reading, you need to take things gently. I’m sure they are good for your feet as it makes sense to walk bare foot, but we weren’t made for walking on hard surfaces!

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