It’s a small world! – Great Knoutberry

I came across a new blog – well at least to me – Northern Pies – Mike Knipe today, I recognised his photo and his dog.  I had met him on top of Great Knoutberry back in  late January of this year, where we talked over our sandwiches about tents, gear and such.  Here I am mentioned in dispatches, as the chap from Lincolnshire !

Great Knoutberry in late January

Coming down from Great Knoutberry

I have emailed Mike and hope to hear from him.  That is the second time I have met by chance a fellow outdoor blogger and not realised until much later.  The trip for me was the second attempt to climb Great Knoutberry this winter just gone, my son and I had to turn back because of thigh deep snow half way up from Dent Station.

Below are some photos from that first attempt.  The wind was biting and created blizzard like conditions. We got out of the wind, by digging a snow cave, so we could eat lunch. Our PHD Minimus Down Jackets came in very handy that day, I can tell you!

My son James in our snow cave we dug to shelter from the blizzard

Some more photos of my first trip to Great Knoutberry follow.

Snow almost to the top of the dry stone walls

A pretty bleak day - but the snow conditions were superb!

James pauses on the way up to Great Knoutberry

After abandoning the walk, because of deep snow ( where were our snow-shoes when we needed them ?) we made our way back to Dent Station.

Dent Station in the grips of a hard winter

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4 Responses to It’s a small world! – Great Knoutberry

  1. Greg says:

    Fame at last ! With regards to your previous post , if you check my blog you’ll see I camped on the summit of Great Dodd in the Akto in winter. Caldera cone seemed to melt snow ok. I have a Rab Quantum 400 which I put inside a bivvy bag to keep it dry. I found this didn’t work as the moisture condensed on the inside of the bivvy and made my sleeping bag damp.

  2. Fraser says:

    Brilliant! Let’s hope for another winter like the last one 🙂

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