The Evolution of Outdoor Gear

I came across a gem of a website. I am sure it is known, but I have not seen it before.  I am posting about it just in case readers of this blog have not seen it before.  Apologies if someone has posted on this before . It contains brochures, literature and old web pages of outdoor gear companies over the last 50 years.  How the memories came flooding back as I look through the website – Compass: Charting the Evolution of Outdoor Gear.

Just a few of the memories:

The Blacks Catalogue showing The Good Companion Major tent that as Scouts we would take on many hiking trips along the South Downs Way and our canoe camp trips on the River Wye, Severn and across Lake Bala.

The Buffalo Systems Pertex Windshirt that I had and loved, only to have it nicked in Marrakech

Karrimor Jaguar , which I lugged up Ben Nevis and the Cairngorms, with my wife Mary. I still have it, although it has gone a bit mouldy!

Have a look at the site and bring back some memories to share with us 🙂

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4 Responses to The Evolution of Outdoor Gear

  1. R MacE says:

    Great find Mark, just had a quick look (the Phoenix pages obviously;-) thanks for posting about it.

    Website added to my favourites.

  2. blogpackinglight says:

    Brings back some memories!

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