Golite Pinnacle – quick comfort test

I have been pretty busy this weekend, Saturday spent helping out at our Parish Plan Open Day ( I am on the Steering Committee) and Sunday morning in the gym and swimming in the pool afterwards with my wife and eldest son.  So no real chance to test out the comfort and ease of packing of My Golite Pinnacle.  This was not going to be any sort of exhaustive test, I am hoping to get away for a backpacking trip shortly.  I took a quick trip to the Lincolnshire Wolds about 3 miles from where I live after packing the Pinnacle with the sort of gear I will be taking this winter. The weight of the pack and gear with 1 litre of water weighed 8.5 kg. I would need to take probably another 1 kg of food and gear for a 2-3 day trip, so weight will be around 9.5kg.


Golite Pinnacle


The pack felt lightweight and no real difference to my OMM Jirishanca which I use for my summer backpacks.  After walking a short distance, it became clear that packing of the pack is important as the pack has no frame.  There was nothing sticking into my back.  However the back area of the pack was not straight and had a few kinks in it.  I took  the Pinnacle off, straighten the back area out and putting it back on it felt more comfortable.  The hip belt was fine, but I do need to cut down the strap length as they were far too long.  I have a 32-33 inch (81-83 cm) waist and if I was much smaller in the waist, I don’t think the hip belt would fit very well.  The shoulder straps seemed fine and so did the Sternum belt.  I only walked for a couple of hours, over fairly gentle terrain.


Lincolnshire Wolds near Walesby


I walked to the highest point in the Wolds at Normanby Top a mere 168 metres ( 551 feet).  The Wolds are never going to give a real test , but a fine example of Ridgeway walking in an AONB ( Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty) covering 560 square kilometres.  My initial thoughts are positive, but carefully packing will be required and I will need to practice this. More on this after my next backpacking trip.

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16 Responses to Golite Pinnacle – quick comfort test

  1. -maria- says:

    What a lovely view!

    Thanks for this initial review of your new backpack. It seems that our neigbours (the Swedes) import Golite so I might go and see these backpacks the next time I visit Stockholm (next spring, maybe?). I am a careful packer, but I’ve so far been aiming at compact packing – the criteria for packing should clearly change.

  2. blogpackinglight says:

    Have you thought about getting a plastic frame sheet. It would solve the packing problem and give a bit of structure. Another blog (I forget which one) suggested this.

  3. R MacE says:

    I also read somewhere about using a piece of plastic as a frame sheet, I’m pretty sure it was suggested that you use correlite/corelite? the stuff used for ‘Sale’ signs and the like. Cut it with the core’s running horizontally and it’ll curve to suit your back without barrelling. Like Robin I can’t remember where I read it.

  4. blogpackinglight says:

    You could try these guys: http://www.twinplast.co.uk/

  5. GeoffC says:

    I find that nothing can beat a built-in backpad, I couldn’t use a soft-back pack like the Pinnacle despite the low weight. I don’t want to have to be careful about packing and then maybe finding it’s uncomfortable after starting walking. I can pack mine anyway I like and it’s always perfectly comfortable.

  6. Ben says:

    How are you getting on with the Pinnacle Mark?

    I was thinking about getting one for 2 reasons First for solo winter weekend trips and for summer trips with my son He is 10 so I usually carry both sleeping bags and the tent or tarp. He then carries his own kit in a day sack. I think of it as investing in the future – when I am older he can carry all the kit! My alternative is an old 70 litre (23kg) sack. Thanks Ben

    • Ben says:

      That was meant to me 2.3 kg not 23 kg!

    • Ben – I’ve been using it for hauling my winter gear at the weekend. Comfortable, weighs less than my OMM Jirishnica (35L) compared to 70 litres for the Golite. Bags of room in the backpack. I can even get my snow shoes in into the side pockets. The only thing which people are concerned about is the frameless design. I don’t find it a problem, but do consider this. If I can be of any further help – let me know.

      • Ben says:

        Thanks Mark
        I have been using my OMM Villain with a sleeping mat replacing the frame sheet I guess you could do this with the Pinnacle? Does the compactor system work, is it still a comfortable carry when squashed?

      • I am sure you can. I have left the framesheet in as there is so much room rather than putting my Prolite mat in there, which I do with my Jirishanca. I used the Pinnacle in compactor mode at the weekend and it was comfortable to me.

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