Still trying to get away !

For the last few weeks, I have been trying to get away for a backpacking weekend, but the combination of a heavy work load at the moment, leaving no time to plan and arriving back late on Fridays and my wife’s back problem flaring up again has meant cancelled trips.  Never mind, it will be worthwhile when I do get away.

I thought as a little taster of “winter backpacking”, I would set up the tent this afternoon, in our field and test out my new Exped down mat and the Express Spider stove, which I have had out on several trips, but not at the temperatures which are forecast tonight.  At 5 pm it was already -4C, so hopefully I will have a warm night’s sleep and the stove will perform well in the morning.  Hardly adventurous, but a good test for both items.

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2 Responses to Still trying to get away !

  1. backpackingbongos says:

    Hope you manage to get out for a backpack soon Mark. Let us know how the Mat and stove get on in the cold weather.

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