Snow and more snow

For readers outside of the UK ( and probably Scotland), the snow we are currently having is probably an unremarkable event.  However, to have the intensity and depth of snow so early in the season is highly unusual.  Here at the foot of the Lincolnshire Wolds, we have had temperatures of -10C and now after returning from doing my rounds looking at our sheep    ( we only have 8 now – used as grass cutters) we have around 12/13 inches (30-33 cms) of snow.  That total has dramatically increased since lunchtime adding 8 inches (20 cms) and it is still snowing hard and forecast to continue until  around 3 tomorrow afternoon.

Whilst the scenery now looks stunning ,( no chance yet to take pictures), a number of roads in my area are closed and travelling using my wife’s 4 x 4 is difficult as well.   We are used to no gritting or snow ploughs around our villages, so travel can be difficult when we get conditions like this.  60 vehicles were stuck for 6 hours last night trying to get up some steep hills in our area.  Non UK readers, I am sure will be bemused by our inability to cope with bad weather conditions, but we are as a nation simply not geared up for it.

One side benefit is that I been able to test some gear out in these conditions.  My last post looked at the Exped Downmat and Kahtoola Spikes.  I have left up my Hilleberg Soulo tent to see how it copes with copious snow.  So far it has remained unchanged, the steep sides shedding the snow and the roof vent has not deformed yet, despite 12 inches of snow on top.

Update tomorrow after I would expect another heavy fall of snow.

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7 Responses to Snow and more snow

  1. Maz says:

    The odd thing is that, having spent £500 on Páramo stuff for winter, and getting a Torres Gilet thrown in for free, it’s the Torres I am using pretty much every day. It’s been rather great – warm, shrugs off the snow reasonably well, not very heavy at all, and I use the chest pocket all the time for my iPhone. I tend to keep my outdoor kit separate from my everyday clothes but the Torres has been a godsend.

  2. Maz – yes both my Paramo and PHD down jacket has been put to good use in the last day or so. The snow coming down at an unbelievable speed at the moment. I would say we have had another 1-2 inches in the last hour! What is it like at home ?

    • Maz says:

      At least 30cm. Everything is slathered in a thick layer. Looks great but terrible for getting to and from work. I had to walk 5 miles home last night after my train got stuck. The hilarious thing was I was sitting across from the Evening Standard headline about commuter fury as rail bosses had said “we are ready”.

      • Yes – ALOL , living in the South East means that because you have pretty good transport links, you can try and make the journey, but the trains always let you down. Use to have the same problem living in Sussex, many years ago 🙂

  3. -maria- says:

    I’d love to be able to laugh, but after heavy snow flurries it is a chaos here as well – ok, maybe a smaller chaos, but anyway. Usually the lanes are kept quite clean, but the pavements get very narrow because the surplus snow from the lanes is pushed there. And the gritting is nowhere near sufficient, that’s why my pair of Spiky Plus are in everyday use.

    We used to be quite good at this snow thing, but a couple of mild winters a few years ago made the city believe that souther Finland winters are not that snowy any longer. That combined with the economic pressures has meant that the snow clearing capacity has gone down.

    I just wonder what it’s going to be like in January-February! Last winter I felt like walking in a labyrinth as there were high snow banks and the streets and roads were winding between them.

    • Maria – went out this morning ( photos and report on the snow handling properties of the Soulo later) and we now have 20 inches + (50 cm) snow – it was above my knees ! That’s 40cms of snow in 24hrs
      I think we were transported last night to Finland !

  4. -maria- says:

    Wow, that’s something! According to the Finnish Meteorological Institute the snow depth is just 15 cm (6 inches) in Helsinki (and I agree with the meteorologists, although I’m indoors right now so can’t really verify), so you beat us! 🙂

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