Not much blogging or walking – but lots of work!

This time of year is always extremely busy for me at work, but 2011 seems more crazy than normal with me working 7 days a week .  The weather in December has put all my customers back a month and I have many people to see, with not enough time to do it.  This year with things tight it will be I am sure a competitive year adding to the pressure to achieve . This blog and my walking has suffered and I am away abroad for a week seeing suppliers next week.  Apologies  for not visiting other blogs recently.  Hopefully normal service will be resumed fairly soon and I am sure the joy of walking in the mountains will be a breath of fresh air to me when I eventually get out!!

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1 Response to Not much blogging or walking – but lots of work!

  1. -maria- says:

    Not much walking here, either (the daily walks to/from the metro station don’t really count, even if they are certainly good to your overall well-being). The spring is already in the air (each February the increasing amount of daylight strikes me!), but I’m still waiting for the snow to melt. Although, if the nights start to be as mild as during the past couple of nights (temperatures dropping only to -5 deg. C or so) I might make a short overnighter somewhere near in a few weeks.

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