Mountain Rescue

I donate on a regular basis to a number of charities,  two  dealing with the environment namely CPRE – Campaign for the Protection of Rural England  and the National Trust  and one helping the vulnerable in society, the Salvation Army.  I decided also to donate directly to the Mountain Rescue for England and Wales.  You can do this by joining Basecamp, the national supporters group for the Mountain Rescue Teams.  Why not join this worthy organisation. Not only will you be helping fellow walkers in the hills if they get into trouble, but you also receive a quarterly magazine, car sticker and calendar.  You never know when you might need them !  You can find further details at the  Basecamp part of mountain Rescue site

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4 Responses to Mountain Rescue

  1. Alan says:

    This and the Lifeboats for me Mark.

  2. Nice one, Mark. I’m intending to do a feature on MR in my blog when I have an empty week – the more publicity for the work done by MR the better!

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