Still no opportunity for walking and blogging !

Time just races along.  It is now over a month since I last posted on my blog. A combination of a business trip to the USA, work overload that has left me no time to do much else and my wife’s continuing problem with the very rare condition of complex regional pain disorder (CRPD) after breaking her leg in November 2009, means the hills have taken a back seat for the time being.

Mary,  my wife has been in hospital twice in the last month for a series of injections to try to combat her problem and will be back in hospital on Monday. That will be 13 times in as many months.

I have not had time to do much reading of fellow bloggers sites, but I hope to do a bit this weekend to catch up.  I am hoping that things get back to some sense of normality fairly soon and I can do a bit more walking and blogging !

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12 Responses to Still no opportunity for walking and blogging !

  1. -maria- says:

    Sorry to hear from your wife’s CRPD. All the best to her.

    I think that family comes first. I still hope that you will find some time for walking. Even if it is just a day walk or two, I’m sure it would reload your batteries. In that way, you would be able to give more to your loved ones as well.

    Anyway, it was good to hear from you, Mark!

    • Geoff, thanks for your comments. Very rare condition, not much known about it and why it happens. it was mentioned on a recent Horizon programme about pain. It is not much fun for Mary. The hills will always be there, they are not going anywhere !

  2. Hi Maria, I have a lot of catching up on stuff!
    All the best

  3. Robin says:

    Best wishes to your wife. My wife suffers from chronic pain and other complications. The good news is that she has been a lot better in the last 12 months. Here’s hoping the same for Mary.

  4. Martin Rye says:

    Hope your wife recovers soon. All the best for things to come.

  5. Thanks Martin, good to hear from you. I will get around to catching up with your blog !

  6. GeoffC says:

    Never heard of CRPD, it must be an awful condition to go on for so long – I hope there is an improvement soon and you can get out for a one-nighter at least.
    Actually you haven’t missed many really good days of late, only a handful of gems in the late winter dross.

  7. backpackbrewer says:

    Here’s to your wife getting better and then you getting some hill time. All the best, Dave

  8. Best wishes to Mary for a complete recovery, and looking forward to reading more of your blog in the (not too distant) future.

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