Back from Stonedale and Birkdale

Back this afternoon from my first outing for several months walking in Stonedale and  Birkdale taking in Nine Standards Rigg.   A great ‘little’ walk with excellent walking weather for most of the trip.   It also gave me a further opportunity testing gear purchased in recent months.

I will post up the trip as soon as possible. Here are a few photos of the trip

Looking at Wild Boar Fell from White Mossy Hill

Approaching Nine Standards Rigg

A Swaledale lamb spying on me !

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4 Responses to Back from Stonedale and Birkdale

  1. -maria- says:

    Nice pics! Looking forward to the trip report.

  2. Alan says:

    Hi Mark,
    Last time i was on NS rig i couldn’t see a hand in front of the face, and it was lashing it down.
    We camped on the front lawn of a farm in the valley. Nice and flat.
    Looking forward to the report and the gear tests.
    Sorry to hear about your good lady BTW. Hope all is well very soon.

  3. Alan, thanks for your concern. No problem regarding the weather, it was near perfect for walking, great views.

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