Gear Round up for trip – Tan Hill and Stone Dale

Just some comments about gear used on my recent trip.

Hilleberg Soulo tent

Probably for this trip, the choice of tent was a bit of overkill. However, having said this, I took the tent to get more experience and because, I love the ease of set up and the excellent venting system of the top vent and the full mesh door. Both nights I was away, it was very still and cool, but little or no condensation inside the tent.

Soulo at Tan Hill

Top vent on Hilleberg Soulo

mesh door

Pitching is so simple, put three pole into the sleeves, peg out the groundsheet and clip the tent to the poles.  With the light breezes I had during the trip there was no need to peg out the guy lines, but they would be easy to sort out in a strong wind. I am very happy with the tent except the weight!

Golite Pinnacle backpack

It is important to pack this carefully to ensure it is comfortable and this can be achieved with practice.  Despite the size of the back pack, it is the lightest I have and because the volume can be reduced by a toggle and clip system, it can used for a variety of trips from bulky winter day trips to  multi day trips.  I would like to see more padding on the shoulder straps and an internal frame would be good, but of cause this would increase the overall weight.

Go lite Pinnacle backpack

Paramo 3rd element jacket

Again I probably didn’t need to take this but I wanted to test the gilet option on this jacket. The jacket is very comfortable, when the hood is up and it is easy to see out of and easy to adjust. When the hood and sleeves are removed and is worn as a gilet, it provides adequate warm without overheating. It saved me taking my down vest, so some weight was saved.

Paramo 3rd element - gilet option

Primus Express Spider Stove

With my Pocket Rocket stove, I found that temperatures I experienced on the two mornings would have caused problems with lighting, particularly if the gas cartridge was low on fuel. I don’t have this problem with this stove and it is more stable than the Pocket Rocket.

Express Spider stove

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2 Responses to Gear Round up for trip – Tan Hill and Stone Dale

  1. Hi Mark.. just came across your blog whilst searching for outdoor blogs.
    Got to love the 3rd Element, and in quite a nice shade of red! Have had mine for over a year now and its one of my favourite pieces of gear.

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