Exped Air Pillow

Exped Air Pillow

This follows on from my last post (24th may 2011) on the POE Peak Elite AC regular sleeping mat.

I have found that for me a pillow is an important piece of kit to ensure a good night’s sleep.  When I returned to backpacking after a long time away, I used a simple fabric stuff bag and put clothing or a fleece inside. However I generally  found this uncomfortable to lay my head on.  So about a year ago I purchased a Prima silk pillow which is a silk covered, Primaloft filled backpacking pillow.

Although this was generally comfortable, I had two issues with it a) I would lose it from my sleeping bag in the night and b) It was a bit bulky.

I had read a series of good reports on the Exped Air pillow and as long as it was comfortable for me, it certainly was small and lightweight, so it ticked those boxes.


Weight: 85g (3oz)

Pack size:  can fit into the palm of your hand –    12 x 5.5cm (4.7 x 2.1 inches)

Inflated Dimensions:  38 x 27 x 11cm (15 x 10.6 x 4.3 inches)

Price: £20.50

Purchased from Ultralightoutdoorgear


The mat is made from a soft polyester fabric and can be inflated in a few puffs using  the inflation valve with a second valve for deflation.  There is a cut out for your neck allowing for side and back sleeping head positions.

Back view of Exped Air pillow showing valves

Two loops allow the pillow to be attached to Exped mats with corresponding loops. This stops the pillow from moving during the night, so it will be useful with my winter Exped Down Mat.

Initial testing

Over the two nights I used it, I found the pillow quite comfortable .  It may be very comfortable for other sleepers, but I think I am quite fussy when it comes to pillows. I found it more comfortable when using it for a side sleeping position.

The product looks well made and is light with a small pack size.  I hope I get on with in the long-term :0)

Small pack size

Comes with repair kit

Size comparison with Travel Tap 650ml bottle

End on comparison with 650ml Travel tap bottle

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7 Responses to Exped Air Pillow

  1. GeoffC says:

    Is there any way to secure this to other mats such as a NeoAir?.
    At the moment I have a thin nylon stuffsack that I stuff with a fleece or whatever is available. I’ve sewn a loop of elasticated tape on it which simply stretches around the NeoAir to help it stay in place, but it it’s only partially successful – sometimes it can still move too much. Can’t sew an inflatable!.

    • Geoff there are two tabs with holes in each tab at the top of the Exped pillow. You could possibly attached a piece of elastic or cord which then would go under the mat to hold it in place. I think it would work, but you would need to slide the pillow down from the top to stop it popping off. When I have a chance I will try and let you know.

  2. backpackingbongos says:

    A great little pillow although my first one had to go back to the shop for a replacement as it started leaking somewhere.

  3. korpijaakko says:

    I’ve used the Exped pillow for a year now (though not in the winter, a down jacket in a stuff sack makes a great pillow). It work especially well for side sleeping and is ok for sleeping on your back if you turn it so that side with no cut is facing your neck/head (it’s a bit lower than the cut-out side). A bit of a pain but it’s a nice pillow, makes my sleeping better. And IMO the loops should be on the other side so the pillow could be used as extension to a sleeping pad…

    • Hi, thanks for dropping by. I agree with you that the pillow is better for side sleeping.
      By the way, what a great blog you have. Fantastic post on your trip to Svalbard, a trip of a life time. I have signed up more posts
      All the best

  4. Richard Seager says:

    I’ve used mine as a seat cushion after an unpleasant operation a while back. I was reluctant to put all my weight on it but it held up fine, and continues now to function as a comfortable pillow.

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