Off for 4 days walking – as a section hiker !

I am off walking tomorrow for 4 days in the Dales doing the stretch of the Pennine Way from Gargrave to Hawes/Hardraw.   I am going by train, which I try to do as much as possible when walking these days – not always easy !  I have walked a number of sections of the Way ( I must get around to writing up earlier sections,which I completed before I started this blog).  I guess some people might think it is a bit lame, but I think there is something satisfying ticking off the miles, just like ticking off summits I have climbed.  After I have completed this walk, I think I will have walked about half the route, so I still have a fair amount to do. I would like to do an extended walk over 2 or 3 weeks, but work and my wife’s continuing problems with her leg since breaking it 18 months ago means I have to limited my walks to a maximum of 4 days. Still never mind I will enjoy the outing.

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20 Responses to Off for 4 days walking – as a section hiker !

  1. Section hiking is a good way to keep in the good graces with a loved one. Nothing pathetic about it. We must make compromises to maintain good relationships, care for loved ones or keep a job. Its the way of the world.

  2. -maria- says:

    Nothing wrong with section hiking! Having three small kids. my outings are limited to max. 2 nights away. I know that in a couple of years I’ll be able to do one-week-long hikes, but now I’m happy just to get out every now and then.

    Have fun!

  3. Greg says:

    Good luck, I hope the weather is nice for you.

  4. Philip & Maria – I quite agree, I rather like section hiking, I guess it is not a term widely used in the UK, although I can’t think of a better way of describing this style of walking.

    Greg, thanks, I think the weather will be good for first half of the trip


  5. Robin says:

    Same here Mark. Frustrating, but you’ve got your priorities right. I’ve just had to cancel going to the first day of the test match. Rats! Enjoy your walk.

    • That’s a pity about the cricket. Poor signal until this afternoon. Really hot yesterday and today very windy with clouds on the tops today. Cleared this afternoon. Sitting here in evening sunshine in Horton in Ribblesdale. Off to Hawes tomorrow.

    • That’s a shame about the cricket. Back from my trip now, sorry I could not reply earlier but signal not good to reply using Iphone.
      I will post up the trip as soon as.

  6. backpackingbongos says:

    Have a good one Mark. I started section hiking the PW a few years back but only got as far as the Yorkshire dales and got fed up with the complications of the public transport system!

    • James you are right the transport could be alot better. I will and finish at some time.
      In Horton in Ribbledale at the moment. Off to Hawes tomorrow

    • James, thanks, I wasn’t able to reply when your comment came in as I had already left and the signal was that great for the trip. Back now and will post up.
      Yes you are right the transport system isn’t great past Keld going North. I will still have a go at completing.

  7. sebwhyte says:

    That’s a seriously enjoyable stretch of walking. Hope it’s not too hot for you.

  8. alan.sloman says:

    All the Pennine Way is glorious – I really like the varied nature of the walk – you can be walking on carpets of celandines one day and the high moorland the next. And there’s lots of excellent watering holes along the way too.
    I admire your attempts with public transport – I would imagine it will severely limit your available walking time though!

    • Alan, I like this area a lot as you say some good variety and excellent watering holes – plenty of TT’s Landlord about!! Back from trip so I will post up. Transport can eat into your trip but not as much as you may think. The trip there and back was only a little over a hour each way longer than going by car and much nicer.

  9. swanscot says:

    Nothing lame about section hiking. Sorry to hear your wife is still having problems following her broken leg. You’re the 3rd person I know with a partner or friend who has had an extended period of non-recovery or incomplete-recovery following a fractured leg. I’m so relieved my hubby, Neil’s leg is now more or less ok following his fracture 18 months ago.

    • Hi, Mary my wife has got CRPS ( complex regional pain syndrome) following her accident, very painful and not pleasant. She has had 13 procedures/operations in the last 18 months. These range from injections of chemicals into her foot to injections in her back and recently she had her plate out in her foot and now it is infected !! – has been very difficult for her.

  10. Martin Rye says:

    Section hiking makes sense if you have less time Mark. USA has very long trails so I can see the point. UK trails are mostly achievable in a week or two So to me the joy is the walk in one go. Either way enjoy the trip.

  11. GeoffC says:

    I’m never away from home on a solo trip for more than a few days either, not because of any restrictions though, I just don’t want to.
    It’s interesting that you should mention section hiking right now, I was thinking of making a post about the ‘completion’ of national trails for which the LDWA are now maintaining a register. Briefly, they don’t make any distinction between a through-walk and a ‘many-little-bits’ completion, which raised my eyebrow.

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