Re-vamped TGO magazine

July's TGO magazine

July’s edition of the TGO came through the letterbox the other day.  What a difference in design and layout.  The magazine has gone very much up – market in my opinion and reminds me of the Geographical Magazine – the magazine of the Royal Geographical Society and would not be out-of-place on a coffee table.

Single hoop tent gear review

The photography is of high quality and the gear reviews have a better layout.  All in all I am suitably impressed.   I guess there will be a rehash of walking routes  – as after 25 years, most routes must have been reported.  However the larger size of the magazine seems to give them a new freshness .  I would be interested in your comments, if anyone has seen it.

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7 Responses to Re-vamped TGO magazine

  1. alan.sloman says:

    It seems to me that at last they have listened to the readers’ surveys that they have been sending out over the years. They have ditched Jim Perrin (did anyone *ever* get past the first three paragraphs without wondering what he was on?) and given space to writers who seem to be able to get their message across. The layout is less cluttered and they have gone back to the perfect binding that they ditched a few years back. Gear reviews get a much better run, with more space available. Some great articles in there from guest writers too.

    If they can keep this up they will eat “Trail” fro breakfast. This is a quality product for grown ups and Trail is a mag for kiddies.

  2. Alan, some good observations made. I think they will really give Trail a run for their money. I don’t think I ever read the Jim Perrin articles let alone got past the first three paragraphs !!

  3. John J says:

    I’ve tried our local newsagents – including 2 branches of WH Smith (Sale & Altrincham) but I’ve drawn a blank: not available……or more likely sold out.

    Ho hum.


  4. John J says:

    A-ha….got a copy!

  5. Martin Rye says:

    Based on that I might start reading it again. Got fed up with paying for stuff I would not read like Perrin and water pistols at dawn.

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