The Ban on the Bonny Bonny Banks | an Erosion of Access Rights?

I found an interesting post on the blog by John Bell –  Scottish Mountains.  Thanks to Andy at Surfnlide for pointing it out to me.  What do you think ?

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3 Responses to The Ban on the Bonny Bonny Banks | an Erosion of Access Rights?

  1. Very sad, but I see the need and support the action. It would be very unfortunate if other areas saw this as an opportunity to crack down on wild camping. What to do about it? Haven’t a clue! How do you reach mindless morons?

    • The way of the world it seems. Let’s hope that it does not lead to other areas having the same restrictions place on them. I would say that the close proximity of Glasgow seems to be a reason for this anti social behaviour. That is not a reflection on Glaswegians in general, but it is the most likely place where they have travelled from . I guess places further away don’t suffer in the same way.

  2. surfnslide says:

    Seems to be the general thoughts of everyone I talk to. These people are morons, action needs to be taken, not sure about long-term solutions, other authorities will use it as an excuse to ban wild camping

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