Ultra heavyweight last weekend!

People who follow my blog will know that my wife has had a hell of a time of it after breaking her leg 20 months and the complications that has followed afterwards.  We decided to have a day or so in the Northern dales. Mary is not up to walking very far at all these days and so we took our motor home away rather than me walking over the weekend as she is feeling a little better. So I swapped my 1 kg shelter for a 3500 kg one !

We didn’t really do very much, which is quite a nice change. We spent time just mooching about around Hawes in the shops, eateries and the second – hand book shop where I picked some cheap walking guides ready for our family holiday to Scotland to do walking and kayaking.

We stayed at a tiny site at Yore Farm House, about 400 metres from the Moorcock Inn near to Garsdale Station, basically in the middle of no-where.  Set in beautiful countryside near Great Knoutberry  with the Howgills a short walk away.  If you are looking for a base which is quiet with an excellent pub with good food and ale for a few days walking in this area you couldn’t go far wrong with this site.

The site has 5 pitches with a clean toilet, water tap and disposal unit.

Here are a few photographs

Campsite - the other campers left early

A short walk to the Moorcock Inn

Our heavyweight home !

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11 Responses to Ultra heavyweight last weekend!

  1. Hi Mike, We usually wild camp with our van, not because we are too tight to pay for a site but because we like our own company in a secluded (and attractive) setting – our van is a blue Peugeot Boxer conversion that doesn’t look too much like a camper, more of a ‘stealth’ van. However, I’m going to file your site for future reference – I like the Moorcock, and have played at folky type sessions there, so your discovery is in an ideal location for us.

  2. Mike R says:

    Just wondering if they take small tents at that site or have a shower. I was just looking at my 1:25000 OL19 map but it is not marked as a camping or caravan site on there. Do you have to be a member of the camping and caravanning club or such like to stay there?

    Thanks in advance, Mike

    • Mike, will take small tents (and larger). One hard standing space for a motor home/camper-van. There is no shower here – but one wash basin, all very clean. Whilst I am a member of the camping and caravan club, I just phoned up and they did not ask if I was a member. As far as I know it is not a certificated site, so it should take non-members.

  3. Louise says:

    Hey Mark
    Good to hear you 2 have had some time out, hopefully no parties were on at your house whilse you were away haha
    Hope the sun shone for you did Mary bake?!!
    Love Lou

    • Hi Louise. No the boys were quite restrained by the looks of it. Mary didn’t actually bake at the site !!, but filled the whole of that Aussie biscuit tin full of home made flapjack. I got a look in – as the boys were not there to steal it all 🙂
      All the best to everyone in Perth WA

  4. AlanR says:

    Thanks for sharing the camp site it looks our type of place. Like Paul i will put this on the map for the future.
    The van looks like our type of van too but i think it’s a bit out of our price range. It looks the business. Nice one. Hope Mary’s leg condition improves soon.

  5. Alan, our van is rather luxurious and good for quick weekends and extended breaks. Despite this I still love spending time in my little tent, backpacking around the hills. I can get the best of both worlds. The campsite was a good find and bearing in mind that it was a July weekend , I don’t think it will get too busy. Mary is getting there, but it is slow progress !

  6. Chris Grogan says:

    The Moorcock was the pub of choice in my mis-spent youth! Just over the coal road from home in Dentdale – far enough from the Sportsman where our dad could see everything we were up to but near enough to drive home albeit illegally. Aaah happy days.

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