Sort of packrafting !

This morning, I decided to do a bit more on my own, testing the Z-Pro’s ability as a solo craft rather than  a double.  ( see previous post for the Z-Pro used as a double). The idea was to pack everything in the backpack provided with the Yukon, paddle for a few hours, and walk to the nearest road bridge to be picked up by Mary.  To start with the Z-Pro weighs about 17kg so backpacking  any great distance is going to be hard work, but for walking a few miles would be OK.

Portage area

Packing up is a simple affair.  Deflate the 3 chambers  and connect the pump and use the deflate side to suck air out to make packing easy.

Deflate the kayak using the pump to suck out all the air

Inflate/Deflate detail

Everything here and the kayak can fit in the backpack

All packed up - with the world's biggest backpack !

Waiting for a lift !

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14 Responses to Sort of packrafting !

  1. AlanR says:

    Sounds like a great adventure. Nice pieces of kit, neat and compact. I hope we do get a summer, Scotland has had a dreadful year so far.

  2. Alan, I do hope we get some reasonable weather in Scotland. My fear is that we will have a bit of a wash-out 😦

  3. Louise says:

    Amazing you can have so much fun and with Mary to collect you every now and then works a treat!

    Great photos of the ‘trainees’ I can imagine you would have had fun with them, love the head gear Jim is wearing did it help??!!

    Wont be long till Mary will be able to join in, can see you having lots of fun and laughter, so next time we are over we will have to give it a try, lots of nice pubs on route etc etc.

    Love Lou & Co x

    • Louise, I have got Mary well trained !!! Never mind about James’s buff , he can’t help it. I hoping that Mary will be better soon to do a bit with us, but the Doctor has said that she should not get the wound wet at the moment, so we will have to see.
      Bye for now

  4. surfnslide says:

    Really interesting post Mark. I’ve toyed with the idea of buying a decent quality inflatable kayak for a few years. I have a specialist sit-on surf kayak but I’ve always fancied something more portable when packed. No idea if you can surf these at all but it would be great to take them by plane to places like the Algarve or down to the rivers and gorges in the South of France where we normally hire kayaks (although I don’t think inflatables come in 2 adult/2 children size). I got the idea when seeing a couple of guys attach an outboard to one of these and head off for a wild camping trip along the south coast of Crete – looked like an awesome idea. Using one to bag some remote munros would be a great plan as well

    • I have read that a number of people take them on planes with them. They weigh around 15-17kg. I have seen outboards for rigids I didn’t know they do them for inflatables as well. What a cool trip that would be around Crete. When you mean 2 adults/2 children do you mean a four person kayak ? as you can use 2 x 2 man kayaks to achieve the same thing, but you are likely to go over your baggage allowance 🙂

  5. I can think off a few places where this would come in handy to access some remote hills, in particular across Loch Quoich would be a fantastic trip.
    Hope you get the weather Mark.

  6. Mike R says:

    Me and Debs took an excellent five day trip down the River Wye a couple of years ago. We hired a canoe from just above Hay on Wye and got collected by the canoe hirer at Monmouth. The spacing of the campsites worked out good for daily camping stops and each campsite had a pub serving food pretty close by.
    After this and watching Norwegian adventurer Lars Monsen on Youtube i did consider getting an Ally Norwegian folding canoe but I could not justify (even to myself!) the cost relative to the potential useage.

  7. Nigel Gray says:

    Hi Mark, only just noticed you have a similar Z-Pro packraft as me! We had it out in the Lakes last month and I’m still part way through a write-up of our trip to the far north-west of Scotland last year, including a 3-day wild camp on Loch Sionascaig. Been out on local rivers recently but desperate to head back up to Scotland, though am tempted by a single person Alpacka raft.

    • Hi Nigel,I am not sure I would want to carry the Z-Pro as a packraft, rather heavy! Alpacka would be good. The Z-Pro are however good fun. I have to repair my other inflatable from last summer as it burst- only left in the sun for a short period but the temperature at our camp on the River Wye was 30C and hot air expands – bang!

      I got the inflatables so I could go out with my wife as she cannot walk long distances now after she broke her ankle badly which means she finds it hard to walk up hills. We were going to buy a Mad River canoe or similar and takes some trips up in NW Scotland, but she has a problem with a shoulder now! One day maybe 🙂 or as she has just said one with an outboard motor!

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