Act now to save the ‘Right to Roam’ in our countryside.

I understand from a recent piece in “Trail” that there is potential for the CRoWA (The Countryside Rights of Way Act 2000 to be repealed or watered down to a voluntary code.  The Cabinet Office’s Red Tape Challenge is an on-line process asking members of the public about a whole host of legislation and what ones are working and which ones are not.  I guess the default position will be that the most burdensome regulations will go.

The Campaigner Marion Shoard who is the author of “Right to Roam” and “This is Our Land” is heading up the campaign to ensure that the legislation is not repealed. Many of us who walk in England and Wales rely on Access Land, so that we can legally cross miles and miles of wild places.

According to a government statement through DEFRA it has stated that DEFRA is “committed to enhancing the natural environment and there are no plans to remove important environmental protections” This maybe a fair statement, but I don’t think we should take the risk.  It is vital that we can continue this right, please visit the site and give your views and support to this legislation –just over a  1000 people have so far. Please help to make it many more 🙂

You can find details ( it is a very big site) using this link directly to the right part of the website at Red Tape Challenge

Thank you


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5 Responses to Act now to save the ‘Right to Roam’ in our countryside.

  1. GeoffC says:

    Although CROW never made much practical difference to dedicated wilderness walkers, it is important in many parts of the country for us to know we have the right to walk there. Let’s hope that there is little financial gain from repealing it.

  2. surfnslide says:

    Hi Mark. A troubling development to be sure. I’ve put a short post up on my blog directing people to your post on this subject

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