Backpackers/Bloggers Social Meet 26-28th August

Just back from the Social Meet held near Monsal Head, Derbyshire which was organised by Terrybnd This was a relaxed and informal meet with like-minded people in the White Peak with some key manufacturers and retailers coming along to share with us new gear and ideas. There were no trade stands, but, Terra Nova, Rab, Webtogs and Chocolate Fish Merino set up some tents and showed some new gear and clothing from the boot of their cars. Dave from My Outdoors had a few interesting tents and bits of kit and did a sterling job with bacon sandwiches, tea and coffee in the mornings.

Most people arrived on Friday afternoon, to showery rain at the campsite. After a quick tent set up, it was a decamp to the nearest pub for a few beers and chance to meet new faces, or to put a face to people who I only know only on-line.

Back at the camp site we were able to see some tents from Terra Nova and more chat about gear and wild camping trips.

After dinner back to the pub where Terry provided some entertaining monologues.

Morning and afternoon was spent walking in the area, I visited Wardlow Hay Cop, a beautiful SSSI (Site of Special Scientific Interest) – Trip report to follow.

The afternoon was spent looking at some of the gear that Gareth from Webtogs had brought along – Western Mountaineering sleeping bags and some different looking tents from Nemo.

Rab and Chocolate Fish Merino showed as some new gear which will be out shortly.

An enjoyable evening in the pub followed. A raffle was held in support of Kinder MRT, which raised £160, with some great gear as prizes from Rab, Terra Nova, Chocolate Fish and My Outdoors. I pleased to say that yours truly won a Terra Nova Laser 20 litre day pack! I almost forgot to say that Ellis Brigham very gladly gave out a free pair of Smart Wool socks. Always handy to have.

All in all a great weekend in a relaxed and informal manner, many thanks to Terrybnd for organising the event and to all the suppliers who gave up their time and raffle prizes.

I understand that Terry may be looking to organise a future event.

Here are some photos to give a flavour of the event:

Not Ultra-light but a Heavy- weight weekend, apart from my Power Lizard tent !

Terry emerges after the night before. Notice the bottle bank building up ! Not all his in fairness 🙂

Dave - My Outdoors cooks up some breakfast

James - Backpackingbongos & Reuben his dog

Gareth from Webtogs and his young assistants help with setting up a Nemo tent

Team Rab !

Terra Nova Bivy Tarp

Mountain Hardware Skyledge 2.1

Snugpak bivy

James models the Rab eVent Down jacket. A lot of interest in this jacket

Nemo Obi 2 person Elite tent (only just over 1 kg)

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24 Responses to Backpackers/Bloggers Social Meet 26-28th August

  1. chris says:

    Really enjoyed the comments and photos,my main point in this comment is the unsuitability for this country of
    the lightweight small flysheet tents and bivvies they show…
    For our inclement and changeable weather a down to earth flysheet is essential especially in the heavy intense rain we get nowadays.Whether it is a weight saving ploy or cost saving the american and european tents you can buy often have flysheets which end up 5 or more centimetres from the ground.In our intense rain bounce up of the water often happens and the inner gets wet often soaking your gear inside.Even if you try to peg the flysheet close down to the ground as i have tried with Jack Wolfskin and North Face the material wont reach,so you still get this splash up.
    The problem was solved by Bill Wilkins and Bo Hilleberg many years ago of transverse ridge tents enabling you to peg the fly very close to the ground.Talking about heavy intense rain its coming down like stair rods over Holme Moss as i look out the window.

    • Chris, thanks for your comments. Terry’s explanation is what I observed at the meet. I would certain not be happy taking out the bivy from Terra Nova in anything other than very settled weather here in the UK. I think this may be aimed at the US market.

  2. terrybnd says:

    @Chris – On the Nemo Obi 1, what you see of the grey inner actually rides up higher under the fly to compensate the weight saving on a smaller tent flysheet. Clever thinking. Though I agree with your thoughts. The MH Skyledge fly (after playing around with it) doesn’t go low to the ground at all – but again, the bathtub inner is a good 5-6 inches. Food for thought, eh?

  3. terrybnd says:

    Good meeting you Mark and love the ‘Team Rab’ pic! You should get that on Rab’s facebook page or something. They’d find that funny, too 🙂

  4. Chris sumner says:

    Hi mark, good little write up mate, I see you got a picture of “marco Pierre whites kitchen” in the back of your car, there was some lovely smells coming from there when you seared your venison with wild garlic and herbs !! Haha

    Nice meeting you, see you at the next meet


  5. Gareth says:

    Super post Mark, was lovely to meet everyone there, as Terry said, all were “sound as a pound” Just a quick correction, the Obi you have there is the Obi 2 Person Elite at just over a Kilo, and having used the Ordinary Obi 2p in wales (apparently it rains a lot there 😉 ) I can confirm it is most definitely fully waterproof!

    • Gareth, thanks for pointing that out. I will change caption. Very interesting tent for the size and weight. You asked for my blog details when I saw you in the pub the other day. You beat me to it !!
      Thanks for stopping by

  6. backpackingbongos says:

    It was good to meet you at the weekend Mark. A nice write up and photos, I barely took any pics myself!

  7. Rob Stevens says:

    Hey Mark, it was good chatting with you at the weekend. I’m liking the blog

  8. swanscot says:

    Sorry I missed this get-together. If it had been a few weeks later – after my summer seasonal job had ended – I’d have joined you all. Maybe another time…?

  9. swanscot says:

    Thanks. I’ll keep an eye on the info on his blog. Do I need to get a Rab jacket tho’ to join the club? 😉

  10. surfnslide says:

    Hi Mark – Looks like a great meet up in my old stomping ground (I used to live near Derby). Hopefully Terry will organise another one and I can meet some of stars of the blogosphere. Have to steal my wife’s new Rab jacket to fit in though. My gear is shall we say a bit dated! Cheers. Andy

  11. Hey Mark, thanks for the mention, good to meet you and glad you enjoyed the socks 🙂

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