15 Responses to Trip report – Wardlow Hay Cop, Derbyshire – 27th August 2011

  1. Andy (misdedupmessedup) says:

    Nice post post Mark,
    I liked the short history lesson about Arkwright 🙂

  2. Good post Mark.
    I’ve been meaning to have a look at this area for ages, but where to start? Well, I have my ‘where to start’ sorted now, and I’ll be treading in your footsteps, hopefully in the near future.

  3. backpackingbongos says:

    Looks like you had a nice walk that afternoon. Years since I was up on Wardlow Hay cop, must pay it a visit again sometime. Shortly after bumping into you at Monsal Head I was swearing as I headed off path through waist high wet grass and brambles. Still, it was a nice view from the top.

    Some nice pics there Mark.

  4. surfnslide says:

    I’ve walked around Monsal Head/Dale many times but I don’t think I’ve ever been up Wardlow Hay Cop or Fin Cop before. I clearly need to correct that error

  5. GeoffC says:

    This report reminds me of the hills and trigs we never visited years ago on in our White Peak era, many of them had access difficulties back then. The views look great.

  6. -maria- says:

    Looks like a nice walk – and a great social meet!

  7. Yasuko Gahring says:

    Thx for information.

  8. lee954 says:

    I’ve never visited Wardlow Hay Cop, or Fin Cop. Although they are both on Access Land there is no through route to anyway beyond.

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