Further review of Berghaus Knoydart Jacket

Berghaus Knoydart Jacket

This is my second review of the Berghaus Knoydart jacket. This jacket was given to me to review and test from Go Outdoors. My initial impressions of the jacket can be found here in a previous post.

Since this initial review, I have used the jacket on a number of day walks and for work, where I am often seeing my customers in an outdoor environment.

As readers probably know, the weather this autumn has been mild and generally dry , so the opportunity to test the jacket in heavy rain has been  reduced to two events, both when working.  Both times the jacket kept my dry and comfortable, I was particularly happy with the hood, which fitted well and I was able to see clearly from it.

The longer length of the jacket compared to many is an added bonus to protection but of course adds to the overall weight of the garment.

As I said in my previous post, I am recommending this as a day walk jacket, where weight is not an issue or perhaps a good value backpacking jacket for beginners or people on a limited budget.

The jacket is waterproof, there is good cuff adjustment, a double storm flap on the main zip and there are water resistant zips throughout. This jacket is not as breathable as some of the more expensive jackets, but at the current price of £89.99 gives some good features and a contemporary look for a value for money price.

On the basis of my further experience with the Berghaus Knoydart, I have increased my rating to 3.5/5

You can find further details on Knoydart jacket here on the Berghaus page of the Go Outdoor website.

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4 Responses to Further review of Berghaus Knoydart Jacket

  1. AlanR says:

    Hi Mark,
    I am not a lover of Berghaus gear especially the hoods because the rear hood adjuster lets in water between the layers. (Not sure if this one has an adjuster).
    I don’t mind the weight increase if the jacket length is a little longer. In my opinion jackets are getting shorter and shorter to the point of being ridiculous in our environment just to push the weight numbers lower. I always check jacket lengths now.
    I like the colour as well. Green and black being my favourite. Although i do prefer the green to be a little bit darker.
    I agree with your suggestion that it’s more a day jacket. The Aquafoil leaves a lot to be desired both on durability and breathability but then the price has to be taken into consideration.

    • Alan, the hood does have a rear hood adjuster, so far this has not leaked. However, I do know that you have raised this issue before and I could see that the cord on the adjustor could wick rain into the hood. I agree with you on the length of jackets these days and this one gives a better “sense of security” – if that is the right phrase.

  2. Jules says:

    Hi Mark

    Really enjoyed reading the two reviews of this product. Not because I’m in the market for one, but because I like to read considered reviews of a product with the long-term benefit/performance properly considered, and time taken to properly assess the good and bad points of the product, which magazines, etc, rarely if ever do, and something I try to do on the product reviews for my blog.

    Also I liked the fact that you were understanding of it’s shortcomings but weighed that against the price – again something that mags don’t often do very well, especially if it doesn’t conform to their own expectations – theirs is not the only opinion. Here, I agree with AlanR – the weight debate is typical. Jackets made shorter and shorter to keep the weight down at the expense of a potentially beneficial feature, ie: keeping your bum and crotch drier!

    You’re probably right that it is better as a jacket for day walks. But surely under 600g is not too heavy, although the packability might be an issue for backpackers.

    Anyway, thanks again – really enjoyed the read!

    • Hi Jules, thanks for dropping by. I have placed this in the day walking category because of weight and packing size. I like to carry as little as possible when backpacking. This does mean making some compromises on occasions. I go as light as can, not because of “look I can my make weight lighter than yours – I am a better backpacker than you” but because I am trying to look after my knees which are getting rather creaky this days !!

      I am also aware that there may be beginners out there, or people on a budget who visit my blog and I would like to pass on my thoughts and experience on a range of products not just the top or specialist end. When I started out, there was not this sort of advice about. The great thing about bloggers is that they are well placed to offer long term reviews on products, rather than just first impressions, although in fairness to the magazines they do have used and abused reviews. They probably don’t have the space for too many long term reviews.

      I will put a link to you blog – I will have a good read of yours !

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