First review of Berghaus Terabyte 25 urban daysack

Berghaus Terabyte 25 urban backpack

I was approached by Berghaus to do some product reviews, I have two products on test at the moment, the first one is something a bit different and strictly speaking is not something I would use for walking or backpacking – an urban  daysack or backpack as I call it.  This came just in time as my current laptop backpack is on its last legs.

So what is an urban daysack or backpack? Simply it is a pack that one can use for carrying a laptop, work books, work papers and all the associated odds and ends.  There is no reason as to why you couldn’t use it for a day walk, but there are likely to be more suitable packs available.

I use an urban backpack  to carry all my work bits and pieces. They are useful for public transport, wearing while cycling and useful on plane journeys and trade shows that I attend, where there is always a lot of walking.  I have used the Terabyte 25 everyday for work and used it for a pack when cycling.

Features of the Terabyte 25

First thing to say is the Terabyte 25, which is new for this season, has many features which one probably would not find on many laptop bags or backpacks. In that way it is to my mind a hybrid of features found both on day walking  packs and laptop bags, but without compromising the product .

There are two main compartments, the front one has  a large number of pockets for pens, business cards, USB data sticks etc, there is a large zipped pocket and key ring tab to hang your keys from.  There is a large amount of space for work books and papers.

The second compartment is used for laptops and I am pleased to see it take a 15.6 inch (39.5 cm) laptop, which I use. Quite a few backpacks cannot take this larger sized laptop. The compartment features the d30 shock absorption system to protect the laptop from knocks and shocks.   This is a unique material which is soft and flexible, but the molecules lock instantly making the material rigid when hit or dropped to act as a shock absorber.

compartment with d30 shock absorbing technology

The video below explains the technology

Within this compartment, there is a sleeve to place a hydration bladder, with a corresponding outlet for the tube at the top of the backpack. I not sure that I would carry a hydration bladder alongside a laptop, but it is there if you should desire it.

There are two side mesh pockets for water bottles and a small top pocket and a larger one which I use for the power cable to my laptop.

The straps are well padded and so is the back of the pack making it comfortable to wear. There is a chest strap and when this is clipped in, I have found that the pack stays very securely on my back when cycling.  I have to say that this pack is extremely comfortable to wear when cycling. I have not worn it a long distance when walking, but there no reason why it would be any different.

There is also a waist strap,but I not use this so far, as there is enough support with the chest strap.

Back view of the Terabyte 25


A comfortable  well made backpack with plenty of room for a large laptop, books and paper. Loads of pockets. I like the idea of the shock absorbing technology in the laptop compartment, although I am not going to drop it, to test whether my laptop will survive !

Overall rating :  4.5/5

Price: RRP £60, but can be found on-line for £48

What I like: design, comfort & loads of pockets

What I don’t like: Nothing I can think of

Details on the Terabyte 25 can be found here

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12 Responses to First review of Berghaus Terabyte 25 urban daysack

  1. -maria- says:

    Looks good.

    I use an urban backpack daily to carry all my study related papers/books/… and a laptop. I’m using the Deuter Giga II which I’ve found to be of good quality. I wouldn’t like to use a shoulder pack, backpacks are so much more comfortable.

  2. surfnslide says:

    Hi Mark. I’ve been on the lookout for a Laptop bag for months. I need one that’s large enough so I can throw a few overnight items in for my ocassional business trips abroad. It never ocurred to me that the outdoor gear firms make these as well! (I’ve been looking in PC World and the like)

    Time for a shopping trip I think. 🙂

    • Andy, in the past I have always got mine from PC World and the like. The Berghaus one is rather better designed than the ones I have had in the past. You might just about get some over- night things in this (25 litres). I have a large laptop – but if I go abroad on business, I often take a little note-book laptop instead, so with that I could probably get a few shirts etc in there.

  3. george says:

    Hi Mark. Nice review :-). so far this is looking like a nice small sac but then I haven’t update my sac in quite a few years, so this is a lot more technical that my old Berghaus Dart 🙂

  4. Mette says:

    Hi Mark,

    Is the Berghaus terabyte waterproof?

    Sincerely Mette

  5. Student says:

    hi, Really good review! Am thinking of buying this backpack to keep my new laptop safe and it looks plenty big enough to fit books and clothes etc. This is one of the only backpacks i have seen that goes to the trouble of having extra padding and care taken to prevent knocks and everyday bumps effecting the laptop and is streamlined too. I know this is cheeky but what happens to the backpack after you’ve reviewed it? If it needs a good home I am more than willing to buy it 🙂

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