First review of Paramo Mountain Vent Pull-on

This product was supplied by Go Outdoors. First Reviews are not “just out of the box” reviews, but are posted after I have chance to use the product several times.  It is my goal to ensure that I update with a long term review of each piece of gear I purchased or have sent to me.

At a glance:

Sizing– my size is  40″(102 cm) chest. Normally I take a medium, but with Paramo, I generally go up a size). This is a unisex garment, there is a Ladies specific garment called the Challenger Pull-on, but does not have the arm vents.

Weight – 354g (12.5 oz)

Colours – Black or Blue

Fabric – Paramo Parameta S.  Wash with normal non-biological detergent on 40 degree synthetic cycle. Paramo also recommend their BaseWash. I have not used it before, so cannot confirm that benefits that Paramo suggest in using their product to wash this garment.

Video review of the product below:

One thing, I forgot to say in the video was the smell after walking hard in it. Well this is a synthetic baselayer, so you won’t be able to go days without washing it, but for a few days it is fine and then maybe there will be an opportunity to wash it, if you were backpacking for more than a few days.

Overall rating :  4.0/5

Price: RRP £79.00 – £71.10 at Go Outdoors

What I like: warmth, comfort and venting options

What I don’t like: Rather baggy at the bottom of the garment.

Details of the Mountain Pull on- Go Outdoors

Details on Paramo website

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12 Responses to First review of Paramo Mountain Vent Pull-on

  1. tookiebunten says:


    Great review and thanks for commenting on my post. Sorry it hasn’t shown yet but for some reason I’m having trouble with Posterous and comments at the moment.

    It’s a great top and it’s good to see I’m not the only one to think that too.

  2. tookiebunten says:

    Mark, great first look review and glad to see I’m not the only one who think its a good top.

    Thanks for commenting on my post, sorry it hasn’t shown up yet but I’m having trouble with comments and Posterous just now really sorry about that.

    Love of the DVs on your site.


  3. Robin says:

    I’ve found Parameta S gets a bit smelly as well. I’ve not used it for some while, preferring a normal fleece washed in Nikwax Polar Proof. Very effective. If it’s warm I’d rather wear a light base layer. The combination of a lightweight fleece and say a Rohan Ultra Silver T is lighter than a Parameta S garment and more flexible. It does have a nice plush feel though.

    • Robin-the Parameta S fabric does have a nice feel. Having said that so does the Rohan Ultra Sliver T. I think that the Mountain Pull-on is really best for the winter. Lots of options out there !

  4. Jules says:

    Interesting review, and I liked the video presentation!

    I must confess to knowing little about garments such as this, being more inclined to use a long sleeve wicking T and an insulating fleece layer in colder conditions. It looks intriguing, though, and – if it does what it says – pretty versatile too. Some time in the not-too-distant-future I’m going to need to replace some of my baselayers, so this is quite timely, too.

    Do you think it would work as well with a non-Paramo outer shell such as a membrane-type jacket?

    • I don’t see why not, as long as you can vent adequately. I believe that when wearing the fleece side next to your skin the moisture will migrate onto the shiny side. I guess this would be the same as an ordinary fleece – the sweat would move to the outside of the garment. Jules, I am going to evaluate whether it is truly a garment for all seasons and you don’t need to carry anything else. I am keeping an open mind at present. Will it be too warm during the late spring/early summer I wonder?

  5. Bill Murney says:

    Hi Mark

    I got your link via Northern Walker. I too am a big fan of Paramo and have two mountain vent pull ons. I find that wearing them without a base layer is preferable. With both, even in winter you can be too warm. I have to agree about the smell though and the need for frequent washing.

    I am planning to climb Kilimanjaro in July and wondered if by adding a base layer I would be warm enough – it can be around minus 20 degrees on the top.


    • Hi Bill, thanks for dropping by. I guess you may be OK if you are moving around. But at the top, standing around, I think I would want to take a down jacket with me as well.

      • Bill Murney says:

        Mark, I meant as well as wearing a Paramo jacket!

        I have been up Ben Macduie in a February whiteout and was warm enough then, even though it was at least -10 degrees.

      • Bill, I know you did. I just think it would be useful to slip on a down jacket over the top of the Paramo jacket, when standing around at -20 C. I think that the baselayer under the Pull-on plus a Paramo jacket should be fine when walking.

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