Handy light – Innova Microlight torch

Inova Microlight

Just about the lightest piece of gear I possess, weighing just 10g( three eights of an ounce), the Innova Microlight  was a great little Christmas  present.

The Innova is powerful micro torch (flashlight) containing a 50,000 hour LED giving around 22 hours of light per battery ( 1 lumen) and 10 hours on the more powerful setting of 6 lumens.  There is also two other modes – strobe & signal mode.  The micro torch takes two “watch style” Lithium batteries which come with the torch.

With the more powerful setting it is surprising how bright and how far the Innova shines. There is a stainless steel clip which can go on a key ring, but I clip it to a belt loop on my trousers, so it is handy for when I need it.  I think the Innova will be ideal when setting up camp late, before you can find your head-torch and as an additional torch in the winter.  In the summer when we get long days and short nights it might be all that you need.  I take a Petzyl E+lite during the summer and at 10g, I will have a good back-up.

The Innova cost around £9.00 and is available widely on the internet, including Amazon.

You can get 12  CV 2016 Lithuim batteries ( Panasonic) costing £2.60 from Amazon.

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6 Responses to Handy light – Innova Microlight torch

  1. backpackbrewer says:

    cracking little torch, just the kind to leave on your key chain or in the top of the rucksack. Of course, now I have a torch on my phone so I will pass this time 🙂

  2. backpackingbongos says:

    Oooh I have something similar in the pocket of my pack as a ‘just in case’. Mine gives off a wierd blue light though.

  3. stevekatrijn says:

    intersting gadget… thx for the review!

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