From Vegas to Badwater

I am back at the airport waiting for a delayed flight back to London.  Just a few photos of the trip to Vegas and whilst this has very little to with walking, the trip to Death Valley, the day before the business convention was fantastic despite the weather being cloudy and very windy.  Death Valley recorded the second highest temperature globally, some time back, but we picked the day when for 10 minutes we had rain and felt more UK than a desert in the USA.  Still  we had a great time and I did get plenty of walking in – up and down  “the Strip”

Here are a few photos of the trip.

The salt flats go on as far as the eye can see. The mountains in the background rise to 11,500 feet

A different kind of attraction!

Off course, Las Vegas is famous for many things, including weddings, but how many people would want their wedding venue here.  Look  at the bottom of the advert – at least you would not have to go far for the catering !

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8 Responses to From Vegas to Badwater

  1. Louise says:

    Hey Mark variety is the spice of life!! Your trip sounded fun, not even sure if the guy is putting the wedding ring on the correct finger!!?? Adrian and Tom had a geat time when they went to Vegas but were slso pleased to leave it behind. Hope alls well at the homestead will catch up with you all soon on Skype. Love Lou xx

  2. At least it wasn’t too hot to get out of the car at Badwater! Looks like you had a good time there. There’s definitely something about Vegas – it’s certainly worth a wander for a coouple of days!

  3. Annemarie Feast says:

    Sublime to the ridiculous!!

  4. McEff says:

    I have a great deal of trouble getting my head round the idea that a huge valley like that, being 282ft below sea level, is not full of water. An I know it’s not connected to the sea, and that the surrounding land keeps the sea out, and I know that any water that drains into it probably evaporates – hence the salt flats – I just can’t get my head round it. When you live in the north of England, and you’re used to sodden fields and wet boots, It just doesn’t seem right. Interesting stuff though, Mark.
    Alen McF

    • Alen, yes it is weird. I didn’t take a photo of the sign up on the canyon wall showing sea level, because I couldn’t the right shot to show the scale of it – but it was a bloody long way up !

  5. surfnslide says:

    Brought back some great memories there Mark. We went out to the salt flats at 6am to try and beat the heat, astonishing place.
    As is Vegas!
    Welcome back to blighty

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