A new addition to the family

I was asked to post up a photo of my eldest son’s new Labrador pup for the dog mad Chrissie  from Chrissie Dixie blog . The pup is 14 weeks old and is called Bramble. Here she is with my Jack Russell dogs.  James, my son says he would like to take Bramble on some walks with me, which is good – it is a few years since we have done some backpacking trips together.  I don’t take the Jack Russell’s on backpacking trips because they are too mental !!

From L-R Digger, Scooby & Bramble

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6 Responses to A new addition to the family

  1. What beautiful sits from all of them! They’re all lovely, but Bramble has the real puppy, cutey factor. Such floppy big ears too, just like our Tilly. Incidentally, I’ve not taken our lab backpacking yet as she’s far too manic still!

  2. surfnslide says:

    That’s a lovely snap Mark, Bramble is a little cutey. All the dog-blogs I read really bring back the happy memories of when I had a canine walking companion back in the 90’s. Took him backpacking and up at least 50 Scottish mountains

  3. backpackingbongos says:

    A fine looking hound Mark, I hope that she is a great companion on the hills when older. Every Jack Russell I have ever met has been pretty bonkers to be honest!

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