Brazilian Tarp Hat

What you ask me are one of those? Well a cool looking bush hat made from recycled tarpaulins from trucks that travel the red dust roads from Southern Brazil up to the Amazon Basin in the North.  Each hat is hand cut and stitched from old tarps by Brazilian villagers in the Amazonian region of Brazil with every one being unique in terms of shading and patches around the hat.

I was asked by Charlie Abbot from the Amazonas Real Brazilian Tarp Hat Company to road test one of his hats. Charlie’s wife is Brazilian and was born in a small village in the Amazon Rainforest near the border with Bolivia. They now live in England.

I was very pleased to have the opportunity to test this out as I am rather fond of my Aussie leather bush hat, but it is rather too hot to wear I find when walking and backpacking.  I have taken to wearing a Columbia bucket hat, which is cool to wear  but not particularly cool – looking!

My Brazilian Tarp hat arrived very shortly after giving my hat size and address. It was an immediate hit with my wife and my youngest son and I was in danger of losing it straight away to one of them.  William my son instantly recognised that it was the same type of hat that Woody Harrelson wore in the Zombieland movie, so it had instant cred with him.

Having wrestled the Tarp hat off them, I was impressed by how light the hat was, weighing 160g and how cool it looked with it’s bleached tarp and the patches on it.  There are two holes each side for ventilation and can be used to attach a wind strap to prevent the hat from blowing off in the wind.

Brazilian Tarp Hat

What it says inside my hat

I must say that the hat is extremely comfortable to wear and has a wide brim to protect you from the sun. It is a little early in the year to see how it performs in hot weather, but I would say that it is going to  be much cooler to wear than other Bush hats I have worn.  The company claims that the hat is waterproof – I will test this out when we get some rain. There has been very little of late!   As you can see this is very much an early review and I will update you on how I get on with it in due course.

The Tarp hat is available on line at The Amazonas Real Brazilian Tarp Hat Company  and costs a very reasonable £19.99 and comes in a variety of sizes.

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14 Responses to Brazilian Tarp Hat

  1. Good looking hat, Mark! You could be starting a trend here 🙂

  2. McEff says:

    Being a hat man, I firmly believe that every man should have a hat for every occasion. That’s a serious hat, Mark. It’s got character and I’m going to get one. Cheers.
    Alen McF

  3. -maria- says:

    That’s a cool looking hat, Mark! So now you need to order two more, for your wife and son!

  4. surfnslide says:

    That is a mighty fine hat you have there, Indiana. I like to wear a wide brimmed hat in the summer when it’s hot so I think I might have purchase one of these. You really must stop posting these gear reviews and encouraging me to spend money 🙂 (just bought a pair of those Fizer poles – mighty impressive)

  5. Howdee partner! 😉 Looks good actually. Though I think I’d look a bit of a plonker in it to be honest

  6. Alan R says:

    Nice one Mark. The Aussie hats are too hot. I don’t know how they wear them over there. I have 2 and struggle to find days that suit. I like my Tilley though.

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