Knoydart Trip – Information

Here is a supplementary post to my Knoydart trip giving some useful information on campsites, transport and costs.


Shiel Bridge

We spent one night at the Shiel Bridge Caravan Park and Camp site prior to our walk.   Cost per person per night is £5.75. The site owner let me leave my car there for 3 days free of charge

Tel : 01599 511221

Website: Shiel Bridge Campsite

Kinloch Hourn

We wild camped and did not use the facilities at Kinloch Hourn. There is camping allowed and I understand that the site is 1/2 mile from the Farmhouse and costs £1 per night. There is a tap and a toilet in an outhouse.


Wild camping is possible for most of the trip, but in Barisdale, the community has requested that you camp near the bothy.  Cost is £1 per person per night, this is payable by an honesty box in the bothy.  The bothy has a two toilets and a water tap. If you want to spend the night in the bothy, it is £3 per person per night.  It is possible to have a camp fire at the site.

Website: Barisdale Bothy

Inverie Campsite

Inverie has a  simple campsite on Long Beach. It has a bothy, a tap and a compost toilet. It also has wooden tables, benches and a BBQ area outside the bothy.  It is possible to have a camp fire on the beach . The site is about 15 minute walk from Inverie.  The cost is £4 per 1 man tent. £6 per 2 man tent.  Place money in honesty box or wait for warden to come around in the evening.

Campsite details found here 


Shiel Bridge

This is on the Glasgow to Skye bus route, operated by City Link.  The Summer timetable is here


You can only get here by ferry from Malliag.  We used a water taxi service, details are here  The cost is £10 per person one way and takes around 25 minutes. There are other ferries such as Bruce Watt


There are trains and buses to Fort William. We took the bus, which was longer but the trains only run a couple of times a day and the buses four times a day.  Summer timetable for Shiel Buses is here

Of course, if you do the five day trip from Shiel Bridge to Glennfinnan, you can get the same train and buses from Glenfinnan to Fort William.


There is no mobile signal on the route that we took, after leaving Shiel Bridge until getting to Mallaig.  Maybe on the mountain tops but apart from climbing the pass near the Saddle our route did not take us to the tops.  The following networks  did not provide a signal: Vodafone, Virgin (uses T-Mobile network) and Orange.

We had 100% OK messages and our custom message (I am at camp) sent from our Spot 2 Messenger to home during the trip.

Pay phones

There is a payphone located at Kinloch Hourn next to one of the houses. Inverie has a payphone next to the Post office.  There is no mobile phone signal in Inverie.

Escape routes

This area is remote and there are no easy ways out and no mobile phone signal.  We carry a Spot 2 Messenger with us so we would be able to raise the alarm should we get into trouble. Never tried the 999 on a mobile phone to see if it works with  no signal. The following are possibilities.

Kinloch Hourn – narrow road (22 miles) will get you to the A87. You could call for a taxi to pick you up at Kinloch Hourn using the payphone there. There is a number of a taxi firm next to the payphone.


Over Mam Barisdale to Inverie. Ferry to Mallaig

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10 Responses to Knoydart Trip – Information

  1. Great info Mark – I just need to get out there to make use of it now 🙂

  2. GeoffC says:

    Useful details here, we may yet get to do our Knoydart trip once the logistics are sorted out.
    When you mention trying 999 with no signal, maybe you should add ‘from your own provider’: I think you were referring to the ability of other providers to take your call if it’s an emergency, but only if you can actually get a signal from them. If there’s no signal at all that’s it – end of story, no calls, emergency or otherwise.

  3. AlanR says:

    Cheers Mark, always good to know details like this. There’s also good coffee, tea, sandwhiches and cakes to be had at the farm at Kinloch Hourn. OR there was last time i was there.

  4. just a commet for anyone heading out there..i,m on vodafone and i got a good signal ontop of all 3 of the munros ,,,was there for a few days in March and cud check in with home on the tops …ps was there in that stunning wknd and finished it off on the campsite on the beach what a campsite

    • Peter, thanks very much for your comments. Good to know there is some signal there. Perhaps we should have climbed to the tops 🙂 In my experience Vodafone is the best provider for NW Scotland.

  5. Bill Murney says:

    Hi Mark

    I have just read your three posts on ’the last wilderness’, this is one trip that has always been on my list of to does but so far I have never got round to it.

    There\’s some terrific photographs of some stunning scenery and to have walked it with your son must have made it even more of an experience. I came across your blog from another site I am involved with and will certainly return.


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