Lincolnshire Wolds – not all of the county is flat!

Typical Wolds view with Lincoln Cathedral on the far horizon

Long time since I posted due to work, painting the outside of the house and outbuildings before the winter and a nasty cold has kept me away from walking for a while.  So last Sunday I thought I would take a break from all this and get out and about locally.  Now I know most people think Lincolnshire just one big flat field from the Wash to Humber, but it is not really like that at all. OK in the areas around the Wash it is like that, but in the North of the county where I live, it is rolling hills, quiet country lanes and pretty villages. The Lincolnshire Wolds is an AONB – an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.   I guess it does not compare to the mountains and moorland that I often walk, but it has its own charm and your virtually never see more than one or two people out walking and for me it is five minutes away from my house.

Today I thought I would go a bit further south from me, as the Wolds stretch down to Horncastle and walk one of the nicest parts Market Stainton to Fulletby following the Viking Way – a National Trail.

Route: Market Stainton (River Bain) – Goulceby-Scamblesby-Belchford-Fulletby- Brook Farm on the Hemingby Road   10 miles (16 kms) with 3.5 hours walking

Sunday was a beautiful autumn day at home, the weather much better than further south. Tee – shirt weather , which I decided to take advantage of. I parked my car by the River Bain near Market Stainton and walked to the other side of Fulletby where Mary picked me up and ferried me back to my car. That way I could walk a good length of the Viking Way without doubling back on myself.  The walk was not particularly taxing, with only a few climbs and was an ideal ease-in after a heavy cold lasting two weeks.

I only saw one family on the Viking Way the whole the afternoon, surprising as it was such nice weather.

Here are some pictures of the walk.

Start of the walk

Looking back towards Market Stainton

Approaching Goulceby

Goulceby Church

Looking back towards Scamblesby

Leaving Belchford

Looking back towards Belchford

Journey’s end on the road to Hemingby

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34 Responses to Lincolnshire Wolds – not all of the county is flat!

  1. Louise Wolfe says:

    Lovely to receive your blog as always and to see the lovely countryside, keep it up.

  2. Regrouping after a cold is tough..looks like the perfect walk!

  3. charles says:

    Nice pictures Mark. Hope the cold is a distant memory now. They can be quite debilitating.Your walk was a good way to ‘ease yourself back in ‘ . In a similar way people think all of Essex ( I live in the north of the county ) is flat andf dull. In fact the oppositer is true – many areas in my part of the world are quite hilly , with lots of tiny,deep old lanes to explore as well.
    I, too, have had an awful cold and cough which Mr Murphy’s law ensured it captured me on a recent trip to the lakes to test out some new equipment (power Lizard,and 2012 gossamergear
    gorilla rucksack ), so decided to return earlier than intended. Time to warm up and get our woodburners going as winter temperatures seem to have ushered themselves in all of a sudden.

    • Nice to hear from you Charles. How was the Power Lizard?

      • charles says:

        Overall , I’am quite impressed with the Power Lizard. There are, as always, pros and cons.
        I’m quite tall and fairly big,so I found the headroom poor – had to keep bending my kneck
        at the highest point , and did not like the drooping inner (seemed to waste a lot of space). I made some modifications prior to the Lakes trip – replaced all guys with 2.00mm
        Dyneema and main pegs with MSR groundhog Y pegs.Also special non slip guy locks (not the Line Loks). Just as well I did,as feeling poorly forgot to check forecaste prior to camping in a small site above Buttermere lake(Dalegarth) Spent a horrendous night. Gusts I found out later were upto 75mph. Contstant heavy rain for over 12 hours,and of course with this , much condensation.None came through the inner though.The tent was thrashed around a fair bit,but the power frame never deformed,and guys stayed firm as
        set.Sleepless night,though,one of the worst spent. It was a poorly drained site,and in the morning I found a good 1/2 an inch of water in the small porch,The groundsheet was 100% though.Bit like sleeping on a water bed ! Weight with my mods was 1.130.Will certainly continue to use it. Reason for purchase was to save weight over my Phoenix Phreerunner(2.KG)now nearly 25 yrs old, and a 4 season tent(Goretex no condensation
        and build quality similar to Hilleberg ) With the PL and Gorilla and achieved a weight of just under 5kg incl 10 days fuel,but not water and food. Being quite and oldster now,always looking to save weight concurrent with safety. PramValezIncidently,useParamValtrousers a

      • Glad you like the Power Lizard. I think you are right there are always pros and cons with tents. I like the amount of space you get for the weight. Good to hear that the groundsheet is waterproof – should be, I think it has an HH of 10,000mm

  4. Alan R says:

    hi Mark,
    Some great wide open spaces and big skies. Love it. Good to know your back to blogging.

  5. Martin Rye says:

    Wide open landscape and uphill at times. I like it. Thanks Mark.

  6. Martin Rye says:

    Less elevation but there is a lot of nice views still.

  7. charles says:

    Last bit of post sems to have got garbled. Tried to say that I also used Paramo Valez trousers as both trecking and waterproofs to save further weight. Although Paramo seems to attract some negative comments, they kept me 100% dry in heavy driving rain over several days. Very breathable and also durable.Just took a pair of Montane featherweight trousers as spare(120grms)The Valez dried extremly quickly.Only wore the Montanes one evening. Maybe I’ve just been fortunate in obtaining a good pair ! I just wonder if some expect too much of Paramo,and do not clean and proof them properly. No doubt the debate will continue. At no time did I find the Valez got overhelmed by the deluges I suffered

  8. Jules says:

    Good to see you back in the swing again, and a nice report of a very pleasant-looking walk. I quite like countryside like that sometimes – as we have near us. It is easy to overlook, but can often be rewarding. And ideal, if you happen to be pushed for time!

  9. surfnslide says:

    Welcome back Mark! Sheepishly have to admit that I probably think of Lincolnshire as flat, pleased to see you’ve put me right. Looks perfect for a stroll to ease back into things. Keep the posts coming 🙂

  10. Have often thought of wandering over that way, as I’ve never been. Looks very pleasant and quiet – after all, you don’t always want to be working hard up and down muddy mountains and moors!

  11. McEff says:

    That’s a nice slice of countryside, Mark, and perfect walking for this time of year. I once planned to walk down through the Lincolnshire Wolds, but put the scheme on the back burner. I have, in a piecemeal fashion, back-packed all the way from Stranraer to the Humber, so the Lincolnshire Wolds are the obvious,and probably only extension, with the long-term goal being the Med. I might just dust it off and have another look.
    Cheers, Alen

    • Alen, yes it is gentle rolling countryside, which has a tranquil feel to it. I will try and walk the whole length myself( in stages), when not in the mountains and moors which I love spending time in.

  12. Hi mark, good to see you back blogging. I have to admit to not having visited the Lincolnshire Wolds before. Been up the hill that Lincoln catherdral sits on though and the view is pretty good from up there.

  13. Martin says:

    I’m looking forward to hiking in Lincs next spring, a county I’ve yet to visit. Cheers

  14. GeoffC says:

    Countryside of that kind makes a pleasant change from the wilder parts, it looks picturesque and peaceful (I enjoyed the Yorkshire Wolds Way as a different kind of backpack). Recommended once in a while, quite a tonic I imagine, after being grounded for a while.

  15. James Motor says:

    Hi! First time coming across your blog and I must admit it is a fantastic read. I am going to attempt to venture back out into camping, i gave it up a while back but your blog has inspired me once again!!

  16. Elton O'Brien says:

    Good reading Mark. I didnt realise you were from around this way (live in Grimsby myself). I underestimated the Wolds for a long while but having spent many nights camping in the Wolds when time (or money) was against a much more desirable trip to the Peaks or some ‘proper’ hills I have grown very fond of the many quiet lanes and big skies.

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