Snowbow and other photos from Lapland

I have just read an unusual and rather superb post from Mark Roberts.  Mark’s blog – Backpacking North is a favorite of mine. The photographs are superb in this post and include a photo of a snowbow, something I have not seen before.

You can find Mark’s post here

The images of a brilliant white landscape is something we do not see very much in the UK, but the winter of 2010, when temperatures dropped to -19C at home allow me to photograph similar scenes. Here are a couple of my own “Lapland” photos from home.

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6 Responses to Snowbow and other photos from Lapland

  1. surfnslide says:

    I remember that winter spell. Hopefully get some more crisp cold snowy days this winter, my favourite walking conditions.
    That post by Mark is truly unique, well worth a read!

  2. McEff says:

    It seems so long ago now. We had snow on the ground for nearly two months up here in the North-East. Crikey.
    Alen McF

  3. Mark Roberts says:

    Thanks for that, Mark! I’ve been busy with other stuff and only just saw you’d written this post 🙂
    The photos do look very Lapland-ish. They even have that “blue moment” feeling!

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