London – shopping, food, drink & Ansel Adams

Mary and I spent 3 nights and four days in London last week indulging ourselves. We stayed at a very nice hotel ate well and relaxed.   This is our reward for all the time spent away on business. I estimate that I have spent 75 nights away on business over the last year or so.  I think that is a fair reward for living out of a suitcase and being way from my wife for this length of time!  My record  was February this year where I stayed away 17 nights out of a possible 21 weekdays in the month.

Anyway,  some time was spent shopping, Mary first in her clothes shops and then me looking at the large number of outdoor stores in the Covent Garden area.  I purchased a long sleeve base layer from Rohan and  a Power Stretch zip top from Rab ready for winter walking and hopefully camping. I was looking to get a Rab Generator Pull – On, but I found that Rock + Run had some for 25% off on their website, so I have ordered this which arrived the other day. Some reviews on these once I have had chance to use them.

Mary at Covent Garden

London was founded because  this was the first bridgeable point of the Thames, and a river taxi up to Greenwich is a great way to see the city. From the historic sites such as the Tower of London to the endless waterfront  apartments in and around Canary Wharf.

The Shard

Canary Wharf

We visited the Ansel Adams photography exhibition at the National Maritime Museum at Greenwich. Readers may know  Adam’s pioneering photography work.   Adams was an American photographer and environmentalist working on mainly black and white photographs of the American West especially in Yosemite National Park, but on display were  also some stunning shots of the Tetons and the Cascades.  A number of photographs were displayed in large-scale.

Whilst most of his work  concentrated on the Western States, there were a number of photographs taken in the Cape Cod area featuring coastal shots. The exhibition has just opened and will run until 28th April 2013 and costs £6 to view.  Details on the exhibition can be found here.

You always get a great view looking West from the top of Greenwich park towards the City and we spent some time walking around one of the ‘green lungs’ of London.

Greenwich Park

For lunch we went to Greenwich market and feasted on street food from all parts of the world.  I had delicious Korean vegetarian food and Mary had a Buckwheat crepe, but we could choose from Ethiopian vegetarian food, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, Japanese and Lebanese. We wash our food down with  a couple of glasses of refreshing Horchanta, made from ground chufas (Tigernuts)  which we haven’t had in years.

Greenwich market

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12 Responses to London – shopping, food, drink & Ansel Adams

  1. Looks like a nice break Mark. Can’t remember the last time I had a weekend in London, but we actually need to go in the not too distant future. Geoff’s daughter has just started her first teaching job there this September, and she and her boyfriend have just set up there in their first proper house, which we’ve not yet visited. She says they’ve plenty of parking for the motorhome, so I don’t reckon we’ll be staying in a nice hotel though!
    We did used to have a book about Ansel Adams, but now I’ve started looking I can’t seem to put my hands on it. I thought we had a picture of his too, but I can’t find that either!

  2. Alan R says:

    It’s great to do a weekend like this occasionally. It surprising how knackered you get just walking round the sites and shops. Enjoyable though, especially getting a few gear shops in as well.

  3. surfnslide says:

    Despite my love of the wild places I quite like a day in London. My favorite was the South Bank walk from Tower Bridge to Westminster. I was also a huge fan of the food market at Borough. When I worked round there I used to take an extended lunch to buy a whole feast of goodies and scoff them in the grounds of Southwark Cathedral. The kids also loved the boat Greenwich and the park, a walk under the Thames tunnel and back through Canary Wharf on the DLR

  4. zippety says:

    Great post – 3 days is about my limit in London – energizing and tiring at the same time 🙂
    Greenwich market is definitely the place for food and is only a short walk from Greenwich.
    The DLR is a great way to see docklands – Canary Wharf is eerily quiet over the weekend.
    Thanks for the details on the Ansell Adams exhibition, too.

  5. McEff says:

    Great stuff. Love walking around London, Mark. I shall put Greenwich market on the list for my next visit – whenever that will be.
    Cheers, Alen

  6. -maria- says:

    It is years since I last visited London, but I quite like it. Looks like you had a nice and well-earned break! PS. I hope you brought a backpack with you to carry your wife’s shopping in – much more convenient than plastic bags! 🙂

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