A short walk in the Wolds

Looking towards Normanby from Walesby

Looking towards Normanby from Walesby

I have not had the opportunity for backpacking or walking since late October. Just a few photos from a short walk 5 minutes drive from home. One of my favorite areas of the Lincolnshire Wolds.  The morning started off with pretty foggy conditions and so I did not take that many photos.  I walked from Walesby village along the Viking way to Normanby, highest point in Lincolnshire, and headed down a “secret” wooded valley.


There is a ruined cottage right in the bottom of the valley and it would be great to be able to rebuild it, there are some great views looking out from it.  There is only a slippery footpath down to the cottage, so I don’t think it is very likely that it will be reused again.



The fog finally started to clear on the way back to Walesby, giving good views across the surrounding rolling hills.


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8 Responses to A short walk in the Wolds

  1. That ruined cottage looks wonderfully atmospheric. It’s a shame when some of these outlying dwellings get abandoned, although I do quite like exploring the odd ruin!

  2. surfnslide says:

    Always nice to be able to get out for a nice local walk (I’m just about to head out with family for a stroll in a break between the rain days). That last photo is a beauty. Happy Xmas to you and the family. Here’s hoping for some decent walking weather over the next week or so

  3. A lot of rain here too, but tomorrow it will hopefully dry says the weatherforecast so I hope that I can walk a part of the “Trekvogelpad” Nice photographs!

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