2012 – a few highlights

Approaching Barisdale,Scotland

Approaching Barisdale,Scotland

Not as much walking as I planned this year –  a familiar comment by me every year and most bloggers that I follow.  Grand schemes are planned in my head, without the realisation that life/work/ family commitments will block my ambitions .

Still I will say it again, I must get out at least once a month this coming year!  Now to 2012. For me the highlight of my walking year was my trip to Knoydart with my son William.  Whilst we basked in the sun in the North West Of Scotland, it seemed everywhere else was drowning in the rain during the Jubilee celebrations. The walking was wonderful, the scenery was spectacular and weather was warm. I cannot think of a better place to be anywhere in the world than Scotland when the weather is good. Alex Salmon take note that wind turbines planted everywhere will turn me and many others off from visiting Scotland.

For quick reference here are links to my trip to Knoydart, if you want to revisit or missed this the first time round here are the links:

 Part 1           Part 2               Part 3

I had an earlier trip out with William,( a trip still not posted up) !  walking up to Cross Fell and then staying at Greg’s hut. We were quite surprised to find that we had the hut to ourselves that Saturday night.

Here are some photos and video from the trip. Click one of the photos to start the slide show.

A short video with my son a rather reluctant participant !

Another excellent trip in early spring before the rain came was my trip to Wild Boar Fell. The camp near the tarn is a superb place to pitch a tent.  A link to the trip report is here

I will stop now, there are lots more I could put in, but this short review will turn into ‘War and Peace’, if I am not careful.  I would just like to say ‘a big thanks’ to all the readers who have visited  my blog this year (about 72,000 views this year) and for all the comments left.

My top five commenters this year ( in no particular order) were

Andy from surfnslide

Chrissie from Chrissiedixie

James from backpackingbongos

Martin from Summit and Valley

Alan from  A Blog on the Landscape!

A Happy New Year and plenty of walking and backpacking in 2013!

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14 Responses to 2012 – a few highlights

  1. Brings back memories of staying at Greg’s Hut with Dixie, when on the Pennine Way. There was no-one else there that night either – except for a mouse that I kept hearing!
    And you never know, we might all manage to get out even more this year 🙂

  2. GeoffC says:

    The Tees should be flowing well after the last few weeks, but most of the North Pennines will be too boggy to motivate us to go and see it!.
    Never have walking targets – it always ends in disappointment.

  3. charles says:

    Firstly , Happy New Year , Mark – Let’s hope it will be a drier one ! Fingers crossed,I’am hoping
    to get up to Knoydart again ,and also to do some Tarn camping up in the Lakes (several on my list ). Age and some health problems held back projects last year , but determined to improve in 2013. On my wish list is the Hilleberg Soulo in the gear department. All my research keeps comming back to this tent for my purposes . Although , like you , I have a Power Lizard , but needs shelter. Enjoyed your highlights of the year – always nice to sit back with a glass or two and
    review one’s achievements over the past months.

  4. Alan R says:

    All the best for 2013. Looking forward to your monthly reports. I do hope the weather will be better than 2012.

  5. -maria- says:

    Have a good year 2013, Mark! May it bring many memorable outdoor activities.

  6. terrybnd says:

    Go with the flow my friend. Go with the flow. Happy New Year Mark and hope to see you again ‘very’ soon 😉

  7. surfnslide says:

    Happy New Year Mark! We were indeed drowning in the South while you basked in the Knoydart sunshine 🙂
    Cross Fell trip looked a good one, always tough to get the “walk-life” balance right, I’ve been lucky with the weather this year, some great days out but not enough backpacking. Here’s to a clear, sunny, cold, snowy winter and a clear, warm, sunny rest of the year!

  8. Sally says:

    I just found this blog and it looks great! I just saw a blog discussing the Surgeon General’s warning about a sedentary lifestyle in the U.S. People in the U.S. don’t walk enough and it is leading to serious illnesses, such as heart disease, diabetes, and even mental degradation. Part of the problem is that many places don’t even have good sidewalks to walk on — a stark contrast to your depiction of Scotland (I hope they don’t destroy all the beauty there with planned wind turbines). Anyway, I think this blog is inspiring, and if people can find nice places to walk, it may help contribute to a better healthier society.

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