Wind turbine planning application near to my home!


Planning application near to Kingerby Spa

As a keen follower of outdoor blogs, I have often been horrified by the plans put forward for wind turbines in beautiful upland areas. James’ blog highlighting another one today (which may not get planning).  This madness took very much a step closer to home with a recent planning application for a 62.5 metre wind turbine just over 3000 metres from my house.  Whilst the area I live in may not have splendid mountain scenery  that I often walk and backpack in, it is 5 minutes from the Lincolnshire Wolds (an ANOB) forming an attractive backdrop to the three villages which make up our small parish.    The wide views from horizon to horizon that the area is famous for would be ruined – this is a pleasant and quiet rural  English landscape.

The plan for the turbine to be sited near to Kingerby Wood, an active well populated Heronry, and near to St Peter’s at Kingerby a Grade I  11th century church and the nearby Kingerby Hall, a Grade II listed building located on a scheduled  monument seems particularly unsuitable.  The monument includes the remains of a motte and bailey castle, constructed before 1216, and those of an early medieval church and associated ecclesiastical complex.  The views coming from the West and towards the Wolds would be ruined.  Details on Kingerby Hall and St Peter’s can be found on the English Heritage National List here.

There has been no demonstrated need for this turbine. It is not to support an existing or proposed agricultural operation, and there are no sustainable generation advantages being accrued to the local community, or the applicant`s operations. Renewable energy can be generated without the intrusion of wind turbines such as solar, ground source pumps and anaerobic digestion.  If  wind turbines are to be built let that be off-shore.

Very significant carbon footprint reductions could be achieved by spending the money put aside by the government for these wind farm projects on energy conservation and insulation of millions of households.  The balance for the need for renewable energy versus the need for preservation of an asset that once destroyed can never be replaced seems to be increasingly one-sided in the UK.    This development seems to be contrary to saved policy STRAT 12 – development in the open countryside.

I am going to do what I can do to oppose the planning application and there is plenty of opposition in our parish judging from a recent meeting at our village hall .  It would be great if you could post a comment below in support of our opposition.

Thank you


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26 Responses to Wind turbine planning application near to my home!

  1. zippety says:

    Mark – Good luck with your opposition. Wind turbines also create a low-level, low frequency noise that can be detected over a wide area.

  2. Martin Rye says:

    When I drive by your neck of the woods more times than not the current wind farms are not working when the wind is blowing. That or half are and the rest broken down it seems. The starting point is offshore, and the next is make the current ones more efficient and work more. Not build more wind farms that dont work.

  3. alan.sloman says:

    I am so sorry to hear this. This is very up close and personal for you. You can be pretty sure that whoever it is who wants to put this wind turbine up is ddoing it for one reason only: Money. and Lots of it in ROC subsidies and the generous price he will get for the electricity.
    He certaily cannot be doing for the “green cause” beacause , as you have pointed out, there will be a lot of damage done to the wildlife.

    Good luck with your fight Mark. Utterly depressing though it is.

    • Thanks for your support Alan. You are right there is no benefit to our community or to local agricultural operations, so it is just I guess subsidies. What horrifies me just like it does in the Highlands of Scotland is the site is so unsuitable. Next to a Heronry, close to an English Heritage listed Motte and bailey castle and tonight someone from the village reminded me that down the road is a SSSI site – orchids at Kingerby Beck Meadows.

      It has to be stopped – what the hell’s going on in this country that sites like this and in mountains are even being considered?

  4. backpackbrewer says:

    I feel your dismay Mark,

    we have 3 x 100m monster turbines planned for just outside of my village (about 2km). Although I will be lucky enough not to see them directly from my house about 90% of the village will. Unfortunately I live by the Severn Estuary so we do get a lot of wind and so I can kind of see the reasoning. Unfotunately for the people living very close to the turbines this wont be much of a comfort. I walk the dog down by the proposed sites all the time and they will dominate the landscape. I also notice that since the plans went up around 30 properties dotted nearby have suddenly gone up for sale

    Good luck with the fight

    • Thanks Dave,sounds even worse than my village. Has the planning been decided? What many don’t see is the concern and worry that these turbines cause whether that is the effect on the quality of life or reduction in house prices. I am sure the owners of these turbines rest sound in the knowledge that their home won’t be blighted and look forward to money rolling in. Where is the payment back to the communities or the landscape that is ruined?

  5. speedy says:

    Mark you think you got problems check this out Mynydd y Gwair,a beautiful upland area just outside Swansea is now going to be populated with these turbines.No more walks in wild country just 2/3 miles from a major city in South West Wales.Good luck mate.

  6. GeoffC says:

    Depressing indeed, especially when added to the recent news item about proposed potash extraction in the NY Moors further up there. I never thought of the NE as an area that would be in line for this menace.

  7. Louise Wolfe says:

    I am very surprised to have to read that this has even been considered, this is a beautiful part of UK with so much history, so the simple question is why? They are so many other ways and places, it doesn’t have to be a statement ‘look what we are doing’ blasted across the landscape, poor taste and poor decision. Good luck Osgodby and surrounding villages in your protest against this its a shame you have to put all that effort in to such a ridiculous idea. Keep on enjoying your wonderful part of UK and hopefully you won’t have to walk round any obstacles or have your horizon ruined, it would be enough to put you off walking!!!

    • Hi Louise, thanks for your kind comment. Difficult to know what to say that has already been said about this proposed wind turbine and the others that around many beautiful areas of Britain. I am hoping that the planning officer/committee see the need to protect the area because of it’s history, landscape, wildlife and concerns of the parishioners.

  8. Gibson says:

    I’m so sorry to hear this Mark. Good luck with the battle to stop this turbine seeing the light of day.

  9. Jules says:

    Good luck with your battle. I agree with pretty much all the comments above, and hope you are successful in your fight.

    Of course the emotive campaigns tend to feature the more wild and beautiful landscapes that are being destroyed in the name of greed. I guess if you are going to mobilise public feeling, it helps to have the “celebrity” endorsement of a National Park, AONB, SSSI, etc, to wake up the sleeping opposition.

    When you live outwith the high profile areas, the plight is more often overlooked on a National level, and left to local communities (who lack the time/ resource / experience to mount a concerted defence) to fight the authorities, often at no little sacrifice to the campaigners.

    Here in the North Northants / South Leicestershire border area (the A14 corridor, if you like, between the M1 and Kettering) we have a 10 turbine site at Kettering, two sites of similar size near Catthorpe, an ongoing application at Kelmarsh and a (so far) defeated application at Harrington – and that only the ones I know about!

    Everyone must do all they can to stop the madness.

    • Hi Jules, one of my work colleagues lives in your area, and he says it is a bit of a nightmare in this area. I would understand to some extent if these machines were anywhere efficient, but they are not – so it seems to be a complete waste of resources and money for little energy gain and often much concern for any one living or walking near them.

      • Jules says:

        I’m not sure that concern for anyone living nearby or consideration for the likes of walkers features highly in the minds of anyone responsible for planning or building them. Which is a pity, in a way, because I can see how small scale wind energy production (say one small turbine or spinner to benefit a farm or a village) might have a role to play in future production.

        The biggest disservice of all, though, has been highlighted this week. Due to a completely blinkered view and slavish following of the wind energy route, we are set to reach a point where we are producing insufficient energy sometime in the next 3 years or so!

  10. Hi Mark, I try to reach you this way because I couldn´t find an e-mail.
    I started a blog about the nature of the Cantabrian Mountains (northern Spain), which will have a lot of information about walking and landscape, and also about wild flowers (orchids), animals and geology which can be found in this region.
    I think those mountains are a lovely place for walking.

    The link is:

    I invite you to have a look, and if you think it´s worth it, I would appreciate a link from your website.

    Sincerely yours,

    Marius van Heiningen

  11. zippety says:

    Hi Mark
    I BELIEVE anyone can object to (or support) a planning application, not just local residents.
    One of my interests is amateur radio. I have seen posts on forums asking for support in planning applications for antenna masts, with a link to the application on the local authority website.
    So, I assume anyone can place an objection.
    If this is the case, it would be worth further investigation and posting a link where we can post an objection.
    Best wishes

  12. A planning application for a 78m (to tip of blade) wind turbine here, at Grid Ref TL 073558, is causing great upset. The proposal affects an area described by Hidden Britain as the North Bedfordshire Wolds and which I enjoy walking The proposed site is in a field with bridleways on three sides and a road on the other.

    Attracting objections is essential. This website has done a lot to advertise the issue and pressure on Bedford Borough Council to extend the objection period has been successful. A village meeting attracted 150-200 people.

    I’m afraid I have been forced to become a regular whinger because of what our council is not doing to protect our countryside and rights of way network. Scuttlebut is that my complaints are being monitored should officialdom wish to discredit me at some point, which only makes me more determined. Seems you have to be unpopular to get things done. Perhaps I should stay in more.

    Good luck.


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