Wind turbine application turned down

Further to my the post back in February regarding the wind turbine application near to my home.  I am pleased to say that West Lindsey District Council turned down the application based on objections from MOD who were concerned about interference to radar. We have  a number of RAF bases in the area, including RAF Scampton – home of the Red Arrows.  The  other area of concern was the close proximity to a Local Wildlife Site containing one of the largest heron nesting sites in the county.   They don’t always get their way !

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10 Responses to Wind turbine application turned down

  1. Very good news on the face of it so congratulations to those that fought against the application.

    Might be as well to consider this Round 1 though; MOD and wildlife are solid punches but a local planning authority is a lightweight judge. There might be a re-match at a public inquiry if the developer requests it. An Inspector holding the inquiry can uphold the planning authority’s decision (which the developer can appeal against to the Secretary of State) or reject it – that is to say permit the development with or without amendments/conditions.

    Sorry, I’m just the messenger who hopes he is wrong.


  2. alan.sloman says:

    For the moment, celebration’s the thing! But keep a wary eye out for the devious bastards!
    Good news!

    • Thanks Alan. I am hoping that this is the end of it, but you never know. I see that the are trying again on the “Cliff” near to the A15 which is about 10 miles away from after turning the application down. There is a planning committee meeting this week.

  3. Ewan says:

    Hopefully this is the end to this, but as you say, ‘you never know’. I doubt they’ll give up that easily. I’m sure all parties are preparing for a war of attrition on this one.

  4. Jules says:

    The buggers will keep trying …. there’s too much filthy lucre to be had for them to give up.

    But it’s good news so far, and hopefully the objections will prove sound enough. The MOD should: but wildlife stands no chance as a valid reason to halt the inexorable tide of “progress.”

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