Golite to sell in Europe

Following from my blog post back last year, about the non availability of Golite in the UK. I recently received an interesting comment on that post  from Joerg Wertli who informs me that Golite will be opening an online store in Europe.  At present, as far as I know there is little or no stock with UK retailers and Golite won’t ship product from the USA other than to Canada.   There does seem to be some supplies via E-bay vendors, if you search.

The website is here    The site is not live yet but should be at the end of the month according to Joerg.  There is a UK web address as well but at present this sends you to the Swiss address.  You can sign up for an e mail update at the site and there is a link to their Facebook and Twitter.

Good news, Golite have some excellent products like their packs and the Shangri-la 3 tent, but their gear offering will be much wider than that according to Joerg’s comment.  Let you know if I hear more.

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7 Responses to Golite to sell in Europe

  1. charles says:

    That’s interesting news. Good to see you you back on the blog , Mark.
    Hope new house work is going well and not too exhausting as I know
    it can be !

  2. Robin says:

    After they way they treated their European retailers, I don’t think I’ll be buying from them.

  3. northernwalker says:

    Interesting news indeed… I am a GoLite fan and would like to see their stuff available again

  4. diaviosi says:


    Greek blog about camping, trekking

    Stay tune we will rise up, and then you come to explore the greece!

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