Still about but no walking yet

It is amazing how fast time flies and it is 4 months since I last posted anything on my blog. Lots of stuff has prevented me from getting out and about and even finding much time to read other blogs (I have read some but have not commented for lack of time).  A brief summary is here.

January – dreadful weather kept me away from the hills. The manic season starts at work, always difficult for the first quarter of the year. Lots of nights away in hotels and many motorway miles.

February – Attended exhibition in USA for first week, lots more work and staying away.  Spent ages chasing contractors/insurance companies to start work on our house after subsidence issues caused by last year’s exceptionally dry summer here in the East.

March – see above for more of the same! Work starts on house. Decided that I need to take my winter weight off, through sensible eating and going down the gym regularly. I rather got out of the habit of both during my travels. To date lost 6 kg  (just under 14 lbs) and I am back to 69 kg. (155 lbs). Much belt-tightening to stop trousers falling down 🙂

April – contractors have finally finished on house, redecoration has started with lots of painting ahead.  Will try to download Terry’s new film, if possible – slow speeds living out in the sticks.

May – definitely will be back walking and blogging and reading other blogs . I will be looking to try out some new kit I bought over the last six months, all at sale prices, in particular – Montane Grand Tour 55 backpack and Rab Myriad jacket.  I have also purchased a pair of Scarpa Delta leather boots without a Goretex lining – almost impossible to find such things these days. I am sick of buying footwear where you end up with a perfectly good sole and a worn out lining.

Bye for now

P.S. Anyone going to the backpackinglight show on Saturday?

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4 Responses to Still about but no walking yet

  1. surfnslide says:

    Hi Mark hope to see some posts soon. I’m also very anti goretex boot linings. Total waste of time. Hard to find boots without them these days

    • Hi Andy, I see you are still knocking them out at a fair rate!. I sure there are some about but the only pair of unlined leather boots I could find was the Scarpa Delta’s. What do you use?

      • surfnslide says:

        I have numerous pairs of boots and trails shoes! My only leather pair are Meindl Burmas – they do a version without Gore-tex inners for £15 less 🙂

      • Thanks Andy I didn’t know that. Will be interesting to see how I get on with my Scarpa’s. First unlined boots I have had in years.

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