Backpacking in Britain

I noticed last night that Geoff C after a long absence has posted up two new trips on his excellent Backpacking in Britain website. It looks like  you cannot any longer access the blog part of website however.  Always a great reference for backpacking trips and a long time favorite of mine.  For those who do not know it, the website is here.

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6 Responses to Backpacking in Britain

  1. Martin Rye says:

    Geoff is a legend and inspired so many to get out, and blog about it. I like his reports and grumpy comments. It’s great to see him back out backpacking. Hope its going well Mark and get out soon.

  2. GeoffC says:

    Many thanks for the welcome back, it felt marvellous to be out again.
    This last year we moved to a new apartment home and have been working ourselves flat out to refurbish it, but we have been reading all the blog posts.
    My blog was built from old WordPress code and was causing problems with new versions of the server-side software, it may return if I get the time and motivation to rebuild it on the new WordPress.

    • Hi Geoff, good to hear from you again. I know what it is like trying to do up a new place. I still have a lot to finish off on my cottage that has now been repaired after subsidence. I am really looking forward to getting out soon myself. I haven’t been out since November.
      All the best

  3. surfnslide says:

    I noticed Geoff was back. A cracking site with a wealth of information I refer to on a regular basis. Good to see his reports again, be great if he can get the blog back up and running as well

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