Mountain for sale


blencathra 004

According to newspaper reports and the BBC, the 8th Earl of Lonsdale is selling Blencathra in the Lake District, an ionic mountain for many walkers.  The  £1.75 m price tag is to help settle  a £9 million inheritance tax bill. Lord Lonsdale must pay off his late father’s estate within the next 18 months. He has decided to sell Blencathra instead of selling property which would have risked evicting tenants.

The sale includes some 2,600 acres and the title to lordship of the manor of Threlkeld. Whilst at first glance, this sounds a little disturbing to anyone who has walked up this fine mountain, I would say there is little that the buyer could really do with it. The mountain is in a National Park , so there would be little chance of development and walkers would I am sure be able to walk its slopes. Hopefully the National Trust or a similar organisation will step in and buy the mountain for everyone’s continued enjoyment.

A description of my trip up this mountain can be found here

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1 Response to Mountain for sale

  1. MrsBoardwell says:

    A supporters group has been set up to raise money to buy it and keep it in the hands of those that love it. Look for it on FB and pledge whatever amount you like (I pledged a fiver :)). If I’m right they have raised £25,000 so far (group has only been active a couple of days). Let’s go buy a mountain 🙂

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