A review of Life of a Mountain – Scafell Pike

life of a mountain scafell pike lake district terry abraham

This is the second major film by Terry Abraham, following on from the success of his excellent ‘The Cairngorms in winter’.  Well I have to report that Terry has topped that one by some way with his new film.

At just over 2 hours in length, I initially thought that it might be a bit lengthy, however having seen it three times now, I can tell you that time does not drag and each time I have finished watching it I wanted more. Without giving too much away, Terry presents not only the mountain and the surrounding area in all its magnificence, but introduces the human side of the mountain, the farmers, the shepherds, the people who live and work in this area.  This is much more than a walker’s view of the hills. That is not to say that well known ‘faces’ in the walking and mountaineering community are not present, Alan Hinks, the mountaineer, Chris Townsend and Mark Richardson, the guide book writer give their personal perspective.  The two highlights for me were firstly, Josh Naylor the extraordinary fell runner, probably for me one of England’s greatest athletes, that the “average man in the street” has never heard of.  His tales were engaging and a pleasure to watch. Secondly, David Powell-Thompson who as a mountain guide and television researcher gave an enthusiastic and informative narrative to the area.

For someone who has walked this area many times, it was great to recognise the crags, paths and views which Terry expertly filmed.  What I find amazing is that a film of this standard was not produced by film crews, script editors and directors, but the product very largely of one man who spend many weeks in difficult conditions and probably just as many editing to produce a film which is a credit to him.

More information can be found on Terry’s blog here


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