The Evolution of Outdoor Gear

I came across a gem of a website back in 2010 and posted about it then. A lengthy discussion was had last week about gear from the 70’s and 80’s.   I am re-posting this  as the link has changed and if you are like me, who was in his teens in the 70’s and can remember times before Goretex and other technical products, I think you will delight as I did looking through the old brochures of outdoor gear companies.   How the memories came flooding back as I look through the website – Compass the Evolution of Outdoor Gear

Just a few of the memories for me:

The Blacks Catalogue showing The Good Companion Major tent that as Scouts we would take on many hiking trips along the South Downs Way and our canoe camp trips on the River Wye, Severn and across Lake Bala.

The Buffalo Systems Pertex Windshirt that I had and loved, only to have it nicked in Marrakech

Karrimor Jaguar, which I lugged up and down Ben Nevis and the Cairngorms, with my wife Mary twenty years ago -I still have it, although it has gone a bit mouldy!

Have a look at the site and comment/tweet some memories to share with us.

The top images courtesy of Tim Cotgrave 


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9 Responses to The Evolution of Outdoor Gear

  1. Sean says:

    Mouldy rucsac or wife? I too have some old stuff in the loft – Karrimor sac from the 80’s, crampons and my Blacks Highlander sleeping bag from when I did the Pennine Way aged 14 in 1979 – my daughter uses it now for guide camp.

  2. AlanR says:

    I remember you posting this first time round and I spent some time reminiscing. Thought I would have a read about my Point Five Pennine down bag, that is still in good nick. However, sadly Point Five are not featured.
    If any readers have any info on this bag I would be very happy to know what the spec was. Thanks Mark, I shall have a proper read next week.

  3. Thanks Alan. I hope your holiday is going well.

  4. surfnslide says:

    Gear sentimentality is a middle aged thing I fear 🙂
    I still have my Karrimor Jaguar 65 from the mid 80’s. Now used a beach rucksack and is full off sand. Worst thing is when I first had it I remember the hip belt dangling down and irritating me. Now the hip belt doesn’t go round my waist! I also had a real love affair with with Hot Earth day pack. It went back to Karrimor 4 times for repairs over 15 years before I killed it in the Alps. Lifetime really did mean lifetime in those days for Karrimor guarantees. Memories!
    You can’t get sentimental these days as stuff just doesn’t last that long

  5. How true Andy. I would really love to get my hands on an old Good Companion tent and relive my youth!

  6. Matt White says:

    They come up on Ebay quite frequently, and seem to go for anywhere between £100 and £200. This was my first solo backpacking tent. Yeah, I was clueless, but it was what my dad had. It was either that or his 20lb Arctic Guinea. Luckily at age 14, I wasn’t going that far. And I soon woke up to the Saunders revolution.

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