Overview of Sawyer mini filter

A new water filter system which compares very favorably to other such systems in terms of cost, ease of use and weight. Filter weighs only 53g. Cleaning plunger 30g. Straw 3g. 0.5 litre pouch 23g. Total weight of system 109g  (All weights  are mine and not manufacturers weights). Sawyer mini comes with a 100,000 US gallon (378,540 litre) guarantee according to their website.

Please check the Sawyer website to see if your particular requirements for a water filter system is provided by this product, particularly if using outside of the UK. UPDATE – it was pointed out to me that to filter out viruses, which tend not to be a problem in developed countries, you need to use a filter size of 0.02 microns. A useful page is here

Sawyer Europe can be found here 

Here is my overview video

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9 Responses to Overview of Sawyer mini filter

  1. walking girl says:

    Hi Mark
    I bought one of these last week and really impressed with how easy it is to use. Just one question which I am struggling to getvan answer for, how should these be stored when not in use? I have shaken out as much water as I can but not sure ifi can store it with my camp gear or should it be stored in the fridge. I know freezing temperatures can affect the filter.

  2. Ian Barton says:

    To follow up on my previous comment about the pore sizes of filters. After a bit more research it seems I was wrong. A pore size of 0.22 microns won’t remove most viruses. See the link fom Center for Disease control (CDC). http://www.cdc.gov/healthywater/drinking/travel/household_water_treatment.html

  3. Maria says:

    Thanks for the review, Mark. Is it easy to fill the pouch with water from a lake? I’m currently a Travel Tap user and the wide mouth bottle is of course easy to fill even from a lake. I like the versatility of this filter (Sawyer Mini, that is).

  4. surfnslide says:

    Looks like a great, lightweight product. I’ve never used a filter before but I’m starting to look for higher sites where water is harder to find so a small filter would be handy. I’ve looked at the MSR Miniworks or one of the Katadyn range but they are pretty bulky. This looks a much better bet

  5. Adam says:

    Just a note, Mark.

    On your video above where you show the backwash maintenance of pushing clean water into the filter via the syringe, you placed the syringe end into the ‘flow’ direction end of the filter so that particles in the filter would end up being pushed out of the ‘clean’ drinking end of the filter (the end with the cap on), contaminating it. I’m sure it was just a mistake, but the syringe of clean water needs to be placed at the ‘drinking’ end of the filter and the water then pressure pushed through the filter ‘against’ the flow arrow so that filter matter is ejected through the other end.

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